Gloria Diaz gives brutally honest answer on the possibility of PH winning the Miss Universe crown

MANILA, Philippines - Former Miss Universe 1969 title holder Gloria Diaz has shared her thoughts on whether Maxine Medina, the country’s bet to the prestigious pageant, will give the Philippines a back-to-back Miss Universe win.

Gloria Diaz Miss Universe Maxine Medina
Gloria Diaz. Photo Credit: PTV
During an interview with PTV at the Governor’s Ball at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City, the country’s first Miss Universe title holder revealed that she doesn’t think Medina can score back-to-back victory for the Philippines.

"I think she has a chance and chance is one in a million,” Diaz added.

Despite Diaz’ brutally honest opinion, the 65-year-old actress and beauty queen advised Medina to just enjoy and not be pressured to win.

“You just have to enjoy. You must not be pressured by anybody that you have to win because I find that contestants nowadays are very very pressured.”

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Several netizens commended Diaz for giving her honest opinion as many agreed with her. Many believe that it will be difficult for Medina to achieve a back-to-back victory especially that the Philippines is the host country of the beauty pageant.

Still, many are hopeful that Medina will make it to the top 5.

Luis Anastacio said: “She just gave the most honest answer that everyone also has at the back of their minds. Let's face it. Walang back to back and it's not about being negative, it's about being real. Let's hope Maxine makes it to top 5.”

“Gloria Diaz just gave an honest opinion. Of course, she's been there, done that. But, things will come differently on the day of the pageant perhaps. Whatever comments there may be -negative or postive, Ms Medina shouldn't let it comes to her mind bcoz at the end of the day her performance will base & gauge on what she presents on stage. She just have to focus fiercely by making everything as motivation to work harder & be the best that she can be. Whatever the outcome, she atleast give all what she got & that's what matters most. I still believe in her. Go lang neng!!,” Joevil Carmelo Viacrucis commented.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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