Filipino team TNC wins 2017 WESG Dota 2 Tournament, bags Php 40M prize

All Filipino Pro Dota 2 team TNC consisting of Ryo “ryOyr” Hasegawa, Timothy “Tims” Randrup, Samson “SamH” Hidalgo, Marco “Raven” Fausto and their captain Carlo “Kuku” Palad won as Champions in the World Electronics Sports Games (WESG) Dota 2 Tourament held in China today, January 15, bringing home USD 800k (Php 40 M).

Filipino team TNC takes home almost Php 40M cash prize from WESG Dota 2 Tournament

Sick plays pulled off by the Filipino team during the elimination rounds and securing a 2-0 win against The International 2013 champions Alliance that lead the team to face off with Denmark’s team Cloud 9.

Semi-Final round against former The International 2013 Champions Alliance

TNC struggled in the first 20 minutes of game 1 during the semi-finals with the early aggression by Alliance against TNC’s mid.

With TNC realizing Alliance’s team play is far more superior with Tiny’s Avalanche and Toss initiation and Rubick’s Telekinesis, the team regrouped and place advance wards before engaging in any clash. TNC was able to create a turn around when Alliance decided to push and take down Dire’s 2nd tier bottom tower.

The Pinoy team having a knowledge of Alliances plan, scanned the tree line near the tower and position themselves to initiate. Tim’s Earth Spirit knowing Alliance’s position, cast Boulder Smash stunning three heroes followed by Geomagnetic Grip giving Raven’s Slark and Kuku’s Dragon Knight to deal damage and sweeping the whole Alliance team. From then on, TNC’s carry heroes snowballed securing game 1 of the semi-finals.

In game 2, Alliance’s Bat Rider pick pose a threat to TNC for its strong initiation potential using Flaming Lasso. Keeping this in mind, TNC constantly abuse Bat Rider during the laning phase. With the delay of Bat Rider’s blink dagger, Alliance have no way to initiate. Alliance tried to turn the momentum to their advantage by swapping lanes with Luna, but TNC starts to gank other lanes constantly and securing kills. Alliance can no longer keep up to obtain the items they needed to win the game.

Grand Finals against Denmark’s Cloud 9

Cloud 9 made a mistake during the banning phase of game 1 by picking Ember Spirit as their mid lane hero with TNC having able to play with Earth Spirit. Silence from Earth Spirit’s Geomagnetic Grip will disable Ember Spirit to activate Fire Remnant for it to survive ganks and clashes. Cloud 9 starts to take on another plan by relying on Vengeful Spirit to carry the team instead. But with TNC’s Juggernaut and Weaver carry picks, Cloud 9 did not stand a chance.

In game 2, Cloud 9 decided to increase their chances by banning Earth Spirit and got greedy by choosing Luna and Sven. TNC struggled as they were always counter initiated especially when Sven obtained his blink dagger. TNC’s Templar Assassin and Drow Ranger are heroes that highly relies on supports with stuns and disables to be able to deal damage. And with Cloud 9’s Luna and Sven equipped with Black King Bar that provides spell immunity, TNC can no longer be able to defend their base.

With their success in game 2, Cloud 9 stick with their Luna and Sven pick and decided to go with Outworld Devourer for their mid lane for the final decision game. TNC realizing what they lack in game 2, decided to pick heroes with skills having area of effect like Shadow Demon, Sand King and Slardar and heroes with skills that purses through spell immunity like Queen of Pain and Juggernaut.

The start of the game was action packed as TNC contest the bounty rune in Radiant’s jungle and found Outworld Devourer (OD) lurking around. TNC immediately jumped to disable OD but the hero was able to cast Astral Imprisonment on himself giving ample time for Cloud 9 to back-up and counter initiate.

TNC end-up losing 3 heroes during the exchange. It was not a good start for TNC. With Cloud 9 having the upper hand, the team continued their aggression not letting TNC get the momentum they needed. But a great play by ryOyr’s Shadow Demon gave away the turn around that TNC needed. Knowing that Luna already possesses so much damage, she is the perfect target to cast Shadow Demon’s Disruption with which it banishes the targeted unit from the battlefield for a short duration. Upon returning, two illusions of the banished unit are created under Shadow Demon's control. With TNC having able to counter initiate, their core heroes were able to acquire the items they needed to be able to push and destroy the enemy base.

--NG, The Summit Express

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