Why was Ping Medina removed from the film Bubog?

MANILA, Philippines - Following the urination incident involving actors Baron Geisler and Ping Medina, independent filmmaker Arlyn Dela Cruz decided to let go of both actors in her film Bubog.

Ping Medina removed from the film Bubog?

Dela Cruz disclosed in her Facebook post that she will be replacing Medina with another actor to allow him to recover from the trauma brought about by the incident which occurred during the filming of a scene in the movie.

The filmmaker said she has already discussed her “liberating” decision with Medina, whom she considers a friend. According to Dela Cruz, Medina needs to rest.

“Thank you Ping. You gave me Efren Aguilar until the last second for that scene. With or without that betrayal on the set for that scene, I would like you to know that you owned the character. Years from now, maybe we will view that scene together with popcorn and drinks and look back on how this experience have made us stronger as individuals,” Dela Cruz wrote in her post.

Forgiving Baron

She also left a message for Geisler, whose character was earlier written out of the film.

"To you Baron, you can now concentrate on promoting your film-documentary and your book. You cannot use this project anymore. You are forgiven. You need help and I hope you get it soon. The next 'stunt' you might do may not receive understanding and forgiveness," Dela Cruz said.

The film director earlier alleged Geisler of using the incident to promote his upcoming film and book.

Titled “Beastmode,” the upcoming documentary film which features the staged fights between Geisler and indie actor Kiko Matos, will be shown on December 15 at UP Cine Adarna. The film’s trailer was shared on Facebook by Beastmode Productions on Thursday, December 1.

The production house clarified that the documentary project had nothing to do with Geisler’s altercation with Medina.

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