VIRAL: Giveaway bottles in Divisoria allegedly used for blood testing

MANILA, Philippines - A netizen’s Facebook post went viral recently after claiming that the small bottles being sold in Divisoria for giveaways have been used in blood testing.

Giveaway bottles in Divisoria allegedly used for blood testing

On Saturday, Neil Maurice Alcantara shared on Facebook a photo of seemingly small empty bottles that appeared to be clean and are being sold in Divisoria for giveaways.

Alcantara claimed that those empty containers are Bactec bottles.

“These bottles look familiar! I found these empty Bactec bottles in Divisoria being sold as giveaway items,” Alcantara wrote.

According to him: “Bactec bottles are used in blood testing to culture possible bacterial and yeast infection in your bloodstream.”

He even emphasized the coil underneath the bottle as fluorescent sensors. These sensors detect if there’s a growth of organism in the blood sample.

In the comment section, Alcantara informed that he’s familiar with this product for he once worked in a healthcare diagnostic sales.

Alcantara's post instantly went viral as the netizens were alarmed of the revelation. It has reached more than 3,200 likes and almost 5,000 shares as of press time.

He advised everyone not no buy them.

Have you seen this kind of bottles around Divisoria? Let us know in the comment section below!

--Mae Tuazon, The Summit Express

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