LOOK: Netizen saves more than P70,000 through the P50 52-week money saving challenge

MANILA, Philippines - Are you still not convinced that the viral kuripot or money saving challenge does work? Several netizens have claimed to have successfully completed the challenge that involves saving a certain amount per week throughout the year.

Netizen saves more than P70,000 though the P50 52-week money saving challenge

Take for instance the case of VM Bocs who was able to save P71,500 through her so-called P50 52-week money saving challenge. In Bocs’ method, she saved P50 during the first week of the challenge. For the weeks that followed, she added an increment of P50 in her weekly savings.

She wrote in her post on Facebook, “Sa first week ng January 50 pesos.. Pwede ka mamili kung 50 ka magstart o 20 o 10 o kaya 100(medyo mabigat ang 100)
Tapos sa 2nd week add ng same amount..
So 50 -100-150-200-250-300 and so on..”

Like most people who took on the challenge, Bocs said that she found the challenge easy during the first few weeks. However, she eventually felt the difficulty of the challenge during the second half of the year, where she had to save bigger amounts per week.

“Madali sya sa umpisa pero sa 2nd half na ng taon medyo mabigat bigat na kaya super kuripot ka na nun!”

In a separate Facebook post, Bocs gave a few tips for people willing to try the challenge.

According to Bocs, the challenger must pick a coin bank that is hard to open. The challenger, upon receiving his or her salary, must put savings in the coin bank first before spending the money on other things. Bocs also urged challengers to be disciplined, thrifty and avoid unnecessary expenses like eating out in fancy restaurants. At the same time, Bocs encouraged challengers to look for ways to earn extra income.

Earlier in 2016, Rhea Mocorro released the “Kuripot Pinay Version” of the 52-week money saving challenge. A certain JB Dionisio attested to have saved P69,000 by from the challenge.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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