VIDEO: Hyperloop - The Future of High-speed Commuting is Here!

    DUBAI, United Arab Emirates - While everyone is on the edge of the recently concluded US elections, Los Angeles-based start-up Hyperloop One and the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Dubai signed a major infrastructure deal on November 7 to pursue a passenger and cargo hyperloop network in the UAE.

    Hyperloop - The Future of High-speed Commuting is Here!

    Watch the video that revealed the new technology of futuristic transport system that claims to take passengers from Abu Dhabi and Dubai within 12 minutes that usually is about a 2-hour drive.

    Hyperloop is a concept brought about by Elon Musk, a known tech visionary and CEO of electric car company Tesla Motors and SpaceX. Hyperloop will be the new mode of transportation that will make use of pods levitating on a pressurized capsule and the pods will be travelling on an incredible speed of about 1100 kph. This is the same as travelling airline speed on land. Think Futurama!

    Hyperloop One presented the transportation network to initially interconnect the 2 large emirates of UAE, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. And then later on, it is seen to extend all the way to Saudi, Qatar and Oman. Dubai terminal will be set-up beside the iconic Burj Khalifa, the tallest skyscraper in the world, and the Abu Dhabi terminal will be near the well-known Etihad towers. The pods are designed to be able to traverse on the streets and will carry the passenger to its desired destination point.

    A teaser have been released a day after the contract was sealed. Feasibility studies have kicked-off and tests have started.

    A lot of skepticisms are looming around on this project. Questions have been raised with regards to safety. Some say, it is not possible for the human body to be able to endure travelling a speed of 1100 kph on land. But then again, wouldn’t be awesome if they will be able to make it a reality?

    Go ahead and watch the videos and tell us what you think.

    --NG, The Summit Express

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