VIRAL: Pal tries to reconnect with friend to score a free Coldplay concert ticket

MANILA, Philippines- Pinoy fans of the worldwide pop rock band sensation Coldplay are willing to do everything just to be able to afford the expensive ticket prices of the band’s “A Head Full of Dreams” concert in April 2017. Ticket prices ranging from P1,800 to P22,500, all for standing-room, have certainly brought dilemma to fans wishing to catch a glimpse of a “sky full of stars.”

Pal tries to reconnect with friend to score a free Coldplay concert ticket

Just recently, several netizens have revealed their intention to sell their organs in exchange for a pass to the highly anticipated concert event in the country in 2017. Others said they are willing to give up their daily dose of Starbucks and summer travel plans just to save money for the tickets.

But one fan had thought of a cunning way to get a ticket for free.

According to a certain Jhocel Angeles Beckham, her friend tried to rekindle their friendship in an attempt to score a free concert ticket.

Beckham’s pal, whose identity was not revealed, suddenly sent her a message on Facebook after months of ignoring her. After getting past small talk, Beckham’s friend then showed her true colors and revealed her true intention in reconnecting with her.

“Manood ka be tapos libre mo ko. 1800 yung gen ad tapos 3500 yung bronze,” Beckham’s friend told her.

Since Beckham wasn’t really a fan of the band and finds the concert tickets expensive, she politely declined her friend’s offer and told her to just go with her other friends. But Beckham’s pal wasn’t willing to give up and still tried to convince her into buying tickets for them.

However, Beckham stood firm with her decision not to go to the concert. In the end, her pal finally gave up and called her selfish.

“Inaaya mo ko sa lakad ng friends mo which is di ko naman kilala tapos ako pa manlilibre sayo? Haha. Sa kanila ka magpalibre para makanood ka ng concert ng coldplay,” Beckham wrote in her response.

As of this writing, the viral Facebook post has been shared more than 25,000 on Facebook.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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