LOOK: Netizens react on Ping Medina-Baron Geisler row

MANILA, Philippines - Just a few months after troubled actor Baron Geisler made headlines following his real and reel life fight with indie actor Kiko Matos, the former matinee idol is once again embroiled in another controversy.

Netizens react on Ping Medina-Baron Geisler row

In a viral Facebook post, Geisler’s co-actor Ping Medina accused him of urinating on him during the taping of their upcoming film.

Medina, who posted a photo of himself giving a dirty f*nger with his bandaged right hand, said he broke his hand in anger after a supposed drunk Geisler pissed on him during a scene. Although Medina was enraged with Geisler, he tried to control himself and just punched and kicked a cargo container where the scene was shot.

"Hindi ka tao. Mas mababa ka pa sa hayop. Kasi ang hayop hindi iniihian ang kapwa na nangingisi-ngisi pa ng patago. Nag enjoy ka sa ginawa mo!" Medina wrote in his post.

A case of misunderstanding

But for Geisler, the urination incident was just a case of misunderstanding. In a statement he released through his Facebook page, Geisler claimed that he informed the director about it.

“Pero you and i both know na malaking misunderstanding po ang lahat. I asked you three times na direk may gagawin po ako then you just said gawin mo nalang sa eksena. Kung tinanong nyo po ako kung ano yun di sana naiwasan ang mga bagay na ito,” Geisler wrote.

Worse than an animal

For Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) chairperson Liza Diño-Seguerra, Geisler has gone “way too far” with what he did to Medina. Diño said the FDCP will seriously look into the case and vowed that it will never happen again to any actor.

"Tama si Ping, masahol ka pa sa hayop. Binababoy mo ang integridad ng propesyong ito!” Diño wrote on Facebook.

Meanwhile, Geisler called the film industry “plastic” after Diño issued the statement. He also urged everyone to find out the truth first before judging him.

Too many chances

Several netizens expressed their disappointment over Geisler, who, according to them, was given several chances in the show business. They questioned why Geisler is still being given opportunities despite his history of bad behavior.

It can be recalled that Geisler was involved in a number of controversies for his disrespectful and unprofessional behavior brought about by his alcoholism. For several times, Geisler vowed to be sober but repeatedly failed.

Others expressed their admiration for Medina’s professionalism and way of handling the ordeal.

Here are some of their reactions:

A certain Marianne Elise T. Mendoza wrote: “The Medinas are well-respected actors in the industry. They do study their lines and are quite believable in their roles. DISCIPLINE is a trait they have in common. Sadly, Baron has none. Even if he is/was a good actor, no amount of being good or natural van compensate for DISCIPLINE and RESPECT for your peers. There are a thousand other good actors who would be scrambling to occupy your space in the firmament. The industry will not miss a scene without Baron Geisler.”

“There’s no justification for FOUL behaviour, Baron. If judgement is served, it's because it is deserved. No amount of talent can compensate for your ill-mannered treatment of the industry that served as your bread and butter. Kung plastik pala ang showbiz, eh bakit mpa pinagsisiksikan ang sarilan mo diyan. IKAW ang plastik. So many people have less yet can be grateful. So many people were deprived of talent such as yours but remained human and positive. You're just acting up kasi SINUSUKA ka na nang industriya. If you can't take the heat, GET OUT OF THE FCKING KITCHEN. And get help. PROFESSIONAL HELP,” Ravidlaz Sockie commented.

Laarnie Cejo Peji wrote: “Pambihira! Nakakailang chances na yan ah! Tunaw na utak niyan sa alak at drugs, di na rehab center kailangan niyan, mental institution na. Professional si Ping and knows how to handle himself, kahit sino sa ganong pagkakataon makakapanakit ka talaga ng tao ay di pala tao yun hehehe. Alam niyang baliw kaya di niya pinatulan kasi pag pumatol ka sa baliw mas baliw ka.”

“Bat kasi binibigyan to ng role. kadami dyang artistang may disiplina moral at talento. this guy doesnt deserve the chances hes being given. nakakabwisit sa mga tunay na ngmamahal sa larangan ng art. hehe,” Red Blew said.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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