LOOK: Esquire’s quick-witted comebacks to critics of Leni Robredo magazine issue

MANILA, Philippines - The latest issue of Esquire magazine, featuring Vice President Leni Robredo, drew flak from critics who accused the publication of being biased towards her and the Liberal Party.

Esquire’s quick-witted comebacks to critics of Leni Robredo magazine issue

In its controversial issue, Esquire dubbed Robredo as one of the “Heroes & Villains of A Strange Year.” The magazine also featured social media influencer Mocha Uson and Commission on Human Rights Chair Chito Gascon in the issue.

Esquire Philippines Facebook post

Netizens were quick to react after the cover photo of the issue was shared on the magazine’s Facebook page.

Boxing Tribe commented on the post: “Esquire is the kind of magazine that is good for using as an alternative for toilet-paper.”

To which Esquire responded: “Glossy pages might hurt po.”

A certain Dennis Reyes wrote: “The oldest trick in the book: make someone look good. Reminiscent of the infamous Mar Roxas cover.”

Esquire then posted a cover photo of President Rodrigo Duterte with the caption “We always strive to make people look their best on our cover.”

While many netizens threw criticisms and threatened not to purchase the magazine, several others expressed their admiration over the way Esquire handled its detractors.

Paul Mark Tamse, a Duterte supporter, urged netizens not to judge Esquire by its cover.

“Kudos not because of this current magazine issue but because of their humorous and polite response. buti nalang di kayo gumaya dun sa isang page. Esquire from now on i'm buying your mag.. Good Luck and more interesting stories.”

“I love how you handle trolls. Mabuhay ka esquire. Revolutionizing print and social media in a world full of mocha usons,” a certain Mourese Soriano commented.

Meanwhile, Uson expressed her disappointment on the said magazine issue and claimed that they indirectly portrayed her as a villain in the issue. Moreover, she disclosed that she was initially informed that Duterte, not Robredo, would be featured in the cover of the magazine.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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