Mocha Uson bashes GMA News' #HindiTama project

MANILA, Philippines - Singer, dancer and avid supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte, Mocha Uson criticizes a local network’s project against hoax news stories and wrong information circulating on social media calling it “self righteous.”

Mocha Uson bashes GMA News' #HindiTama project

In a short post on her Facebook page “Mocha Uson blog” on Thursday, November 2, she gave her two cents after GMA News recently launched a campaign called “#HindiTama” project against disinformation.

#HindiTama Mocha Uson blog post

“Sorry for the delayed reaction. I thought long and hard if I’ll comment on this.To my friends in GMA 7, please don’t take it personal. But this campaign of GMA7 is so self righteous.

“So now you’re the STANDARD OF TRUTH that will tell who is right and wrong?

“I know that you’re targeting hoax and satire news but this is different.

“This is all I can say to your campaign - NOT RIGHT!”

(Sorry mejo delayed reaction. Matagal kong inisip kung mag cocomment ako dito. Pasing tabi sa mga kaibigan ko sa GMA7 ha. Pero sobrang self righteous nitong campaign ng GMA7. So kayo na ang STANDARD NG KATOTOHANAN na magsasabi kung sino tama o mali??? Alam ko ang tinutukoy niyo yung Hoax at Satire news pero iba talaga dating nito. Ito lang masasabi ko sa campaign niyo po- HINDI TAMA!)

Uson’s post went viral with more than 400 shares and 6,500 likes from netizens. The comment section of the post were filled with ‘yes’ from Uson’s supporters.

But not all are in agreement with what the die-hard Duterte supporter said in the viral post. A Facebook page based from a fictitious character from a local TV show “Madam Claudia” answers back to Uson and criticizes her for being one of the source of hoax news on social media.

In the said post, “Madam Claudia” questioned Uson if she truly read the #HindiTama article posted by the network. Adding if she’s not agreeing to the campaign also means that (1.) She does not want other Duterte supporters to practice fact-checking and (2.) She discourages Duterte supporters to not read a full article.

“Madam Claudia” then went frank in the post pointing Uson that she indirectly want the President’s supporters to believe in satire article as well as her (Uson’s) own postings on social media.

“Madam Claudia’s” post instantly went viral reaching 2,400+ likes and shared over 700 times. With netizens sharing same sentiments as “Madam Claudia” and other Duterte supporters that believes in GMA’s campaign.

GMA News’ #HindiTama campaign was launched on October 28 with a goal in mind to correct and report hoax news stories in social media. The campaign encourages netizens to report said news stories using #HindiTama with the link connecting to the news article.

--Mae Tuazon, The Summit Express

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