LOOK: Marcos’ body buried inside an underground room?

MANILA, Philippines- The surprise burial of former President Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB) elicited various reactions across the nation. As his last rites continue to be a controversial topic, a journalist has pointed out something peculiar about Marcos’ burial.

Marcos’ body allegedly buried inside an underground room
Photo Credit: Facebook/Imee Marcos
In an article written by investigative journalist Raissa Robles, she revealed that the remains of the late dictator was “buried” in an underground room that appears to have a secret passageway. Robles received photos from netizens showing a man inside the hole underneath while Marcos’ coffin was being lowered.

Marcos Surprise Burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani: A Mark of a Thief?

Robles noted that the walls in the room were made of concrete and that the hole was large enough to accommodate a coffin and four men. She also pointed out the possibility of an underground corridor leading to the hole.

In a previous article Robles wrote five years ago, the journalist hinted of the possibility that former First Lady and Ilocos representative Imelda Marcos is planning to bury the late strongman in a facility with hydraulic and refrigeration system in order for the family to view his remains from time to time. Robles claimed she received the information from Architect Normandy Canlas, who supposedly designed the hydraulic system.

Marcos’ body allegedly buried inside an underground room
Photo Credit: Twitter/MasterTeacherOne
“Imelda Marcos has in her possession an engineering design for a hydraulic and refrigeration system that would continue to preserve the dictator’s body from decomposing and – for viewing purposes – would raise and lower a granite slab covering his glass coffin,” Robles wrote.

According to Robles, Canlas informed her that the Marcos family considered LNMB as a “temporary burial site where he will be buried as a president and soldier. In a decade or so, he will be returned to Batac and buried alongside Doña Josefa, his mother.”

Amid claims that Marcos didn’t want to be buried at the LNMB, the Marcos family released the former head of the nation’s last will and testament executed in 1982 revealing his burial preference. In the document, Marcos stated his desire for his remains to be buried at the hero’s cemetery.

Robles, on the other hand, claimed that Marcos executed a different will in 1988, which stated that he wished to be buried beside his mom who died in the same year.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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