Singaporean employer tries to raise over $86,000 for Pinay maid who suffered stroke

    MANILA, Philippines - Like many Filipina domestic helpers abroad, Felicidad “Felice” Mico, 57, has touched the lives of the Singaporean family she worked for the past 25 years. After more than two decades of serving them, the Pinay helper’s employers then took the role of caring for her after she suffered a sudden hemorrhagic stroke on October 28.

    In her interview with The Straits Times, Mico’s employer Dora Sern shared how her son Eugene found their helper on the day she suffered a stroke.

    Singaporean employer tries to raise over $86,000 for Pinay maid who suffered stroke
    PHOTO CREDIT: Dora Sern c/o The Straits Times
    "My oldest son, Eugene, was the one who discovered her unconscious. He thought she was just resting but realized something amiss when he tried to wake her up for dinner.”

    Sern and her three children took turns watch over Mico at Changi General Hospital. A masseur, Sern even gave her helper massages in the hospital.

    Although Mico has significantly recovered since she was first brought to the hospital last month, doctors believe she may not be able to move the right side of her body and may never be able to speak again as she will need a tracheostomy tube in her windpipe to help her breathe.

    Her hospital bill has amounted to about $55,000 prompting Sern to share her helper’s ordeal on GiveAsia, a crowd-funding site. As of this writing, she has already received $9000 but is hoping to raise $86,600 to cover the cost of Mico’s rehabilitation care in the Philippines as well as basic provisions for her family for a year.

    On November 20, Mico, accompanied by a nurse, was flown back to Manila. Her daughter Izelmae confirmed that Mico is now in a stable condition and no longer needs to be hospitalized.

    --Mini, The Summit Express

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