VIRAL #FOODHACKS: Budget-friendly alternatives to your everyday meals

    MANILA, Philippines - A series of Facebook posts revealing budget-friendly alternatives of Pinoy favorite everyday meals and snacks went viral on social media. Netizens are now sharing their own foodhacks from fast food chains to millennials’ go-to food stalls. Look no further! We have compiled ‘busolve’ and budget-friendly alternatives for your everyday meals.

    #FOODHACKS: Budget-friendly alternatives to your everyday meals

    The food hacks trend was initially posted by Facebook user named “Noel Ang” whom shared a Jollibee chickenjoy meal hack online last July 30. Which until now is making rounds on social media--shared and agreed on by netizens.

    Jollibee chickenjoy foodhack

    In the post, Ang shared a cheaper way around the said over-priced extra rice of Jollibee and getting more out of it. He advised that rather getting a 2pc. Chickenjoy meal that costs Php 158 (price varies) and an extra rice that costs around Php 25 which in total costs around Php 184. Opt to go for a solo 1pc chickenjoy with rice that is around Php 75 and a 1pc meal that costs 82 which only sums to Php 157. Which will save you around Php 20-27 with both an extra rice and another 1pc chickenjoy.

    Another Jollibee hack was shared by Facebook user “Aldrin Angeles” on one of the classic favorites, burger steak. He shared that rather getting 2pc Burger steak that costs Php 85 plus an extra rice that is Php 25 which in total is Php 110. Switch instead to buying separate 1pc burger steak meal that is around Php 55 each which both costs the same but you now have 2 of everything, even on drinks.

    Jollibee burger steak foodhack

    Netizens didn’t only shared ‘jolly-hacks’ but to other food stalls as well.

    In a viral post, Facebook user named “Gel Tolentino” discovered that millenials’ favorite French fries food stall, “Potato Corner,” the most satisfying fries size is availing their “Giga fries.” Tolentino also attached the photo of the store’s “Price Per Gram Comparison” chart.

    Potato Corner food hacks

    Netizens also found out a food hack in local convenience store 7 Eleven. “Renz Daniel De Vera” whom popularized mentioned Jollibee food hacks shared a cheap alternative on the said store.

    Chicken Nuggets food hacks

    De Vera in the post advised to try out their 4pc. chicken nuggets meal that costs only Php 50, it also comes with unlimited rice. The buyer just need to add an additional Php 10 to have for a 12 oz. Gulp. The store also offers a chicken meal and unlimited rice for only Php 65 and free WiFi.

    The food hacks doesn’t end there, for recently, a netizen named Justin Lee shared Dunkin’ Donut food hack. In his post, Lee found out that Filipino favorite donut flavor Choco Butternut is sold in Dunkin’ Donuts for Php 35. While the smaller version, munchkins in 5pcs. are sold for the same price.

    Lee advised to get the munchkin sized of Choco Butternut instead. He revealed that on a weighing scale the munchkins weighs more than the big version of the donut sold in the same price.

    Do you have any food hacks up your sleeve? Share that in the comment section below.

    --Mae Tuazon, The Summit Express

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