#PrayForBusan: City ravaged by Typhoon Chaba with Tsunami-like waves

    MANILA, Philippines – The city featured in the blockbuster zombie-themed film “Train to Busan” is making headlines not by a real-life case of zombie threat, but by the tsunami-like waves that ravaged the South Korean city from the strong winds of Typhoon Chaba.

    #PrayForBusan: City ravaged by Typhoon Chaba with Tsunami-like waves

    Typhoon Chaba entered Busan on October 5, which hit the southern part of it, the island of Jeju overnight. Bringing violent wind, heavy rains and tsunami storm surges in its path.

    Photos and videos were shared online as the typhoon hit the city, with the amassed waves to the strong storm that left a devastating effect;

    This caused widespread power outages at Jeju island. Twenty-six flights were cancelled of connecting trips from the known holiday spot to the mainland and China, with one reported missing.

    Cities of Busan and Ulsan were heavily flooded as cars and buildings submerged in charging waters.

    The biggest port in Korea which is in Busan was closed after Chaba reeled past the establishment.

    Hundai Motors, manufacturer of Sports Utility Vehicles in Ulsan closed two of its factories for an apparent “inflow of water,” a spokeswoman of the company said.

    Most operations of shipyards along the coast of the island were all suspended.

    According to media reports, five civilians were killed in Busan and Ulsan. Although The Ministry of Public Safety and Security only claims three dead and three are missing.

    80 and more flights were cancelled at the Gimhae Airport en route to Busan. The Korean Train Express (KTX) bullet train service were also suspended.

    Reports claims that Typhoon Chaba is expected to weaken by the time it nears Japan and will be down to a tropical storm status.

    --Mae Tuazon, The Summit Express
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