Irate colorum driver tries to run over passenger after clash on spare change

MANILA, Philippines - A commuter turned to social media to share her firsthand awful experience as she encountered a colorum UV Express driver who tried to run her over just because she had no smaller bill to pay.

Irate colorum driver tries to run over passenger after clash on spare change

On Saturday, October 22, Business Processing Output assistant manager Jessie Bautista, posted a photo on Facebook of what seems to be a plate number of a UV van.

Bautista on her post informed that the she rode a colorum UV Express from Mall of Asia bound to Kawit, Cavite via Cavitex (Cavite Expressway) when the incident happened.

The driver initially doesn’t want to take Bautista’s fare because he doesn’t have a spare change. She then asked the driver if he could just give the change when the van reached and pay the toll gate fee. This is when the driver raised his voice to Bautista reasoning out that he’s using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Technology) for the toll gate.

“Then the fair collector interrupted in and initiate that he’ll get my money’s change. When the UV driver rode the van he suddenly said ‘Next time don’t ride when you don’t have smaller bills, you’re being a burden.’” (Then sumabat yung naniningil sa pila ng van na akina po papalitan ko. Nung sumakay na si kuya sa van biglang sinabi 'Sa susunod wag kayong sasakay ng walang barya nakaka perwisyo ka') said the driver according to her post.

Bautista then informed in the post that the UV Express’ peak hours are between 6:00 to 8:00 a.m. because call center agents goes home at those hours. She further explained that there are no opened stores around E-Com centers before the peak hours.

The driver didn’t stop from there and told other passengers: “The rest of you! Don’t be a nuisance, get yourselves smaller bills first before riding! (Kayo din wag kayo abala sa susunod magpabarya kayo bago sumakay!)

This pushed Bautista off the edge and answered the driver back “You are already paid right? Why aren’t you finish?” (Kuya nabaryahan na dba? Di ka pa tapos?)

Bautista's answer prompt the driver and kicked her off the van “Get out of my car, I don’t care about your f****** pay!” (Bumaba ka sasakyan ko to, walang kong pakialam sa lintik na bayad mo!)

This is when she took the plate number of the said vehicle. The driver then revved the van and moved straight to Bautista attempting to run her over. He then shouted “F*** you! Go complain to Duterte!” (Pu$&@-# mo kay Duterte ka mag reklamo!)

Here's the full Facebook post.

Jessie Bautista full Facebook post

Bautista’s post has amassed more than 300 shares and likes on Facebook with most of the netizens taking her side. Some also tagged and messaged concerned government organizations that can mediate the issue, like the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB).

As of press time Bautista hasn’t publicize any updates regarding the irate colorum UV driver.

--Mae Tuazon, The Summit Express

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