VIRAL: 'Inked' UP graduate discriminated at local bank

MANILA, Philippines – An unnamed netizen, who claimed to be a University of the Philippines (UP) graduate, is now making waves on social media after she was allegedly discriminated by a security guard of a local bank in Naga City due to her tattoos.

 'Inked' UP graduate discriminated at local bank

Facebook page “Think Ink” which caters all things about tattoos posted yesterday September 7, a confession-like post about an ‘inked’ woman’s disgusting experience in trying to get inside a bank after a security guard questioned her intentions and look no further than her bare tattoos.

In the post, the unnamed netizen narrated that RCBC in her very hometown at Naga City gave her the worst customer experience. It just happened after her comeback from 15 years stay in Manila.

“So what I am inked? It doesn't make people unprofessional or even delinquent. It doesn't even make me an irresponsible daughter and a single mother of a grade 8 highschool boy. My art doesn’t make me untrustworthy and it doesn’t even change an attitude or lessens any skills,” she wrote.

The woman tried twice to enter the bank, as she would like to open an account and do an online transfer. But the bank’s security guard hold the door and questioned her in a suspicious look if she have money. The netizen confirmed she do have money and tried to enter once again but the security guard hold the door and stared at the woman’s tattoos. Then, he asked IDs from her.

"Yes kuya! May ID ako,me passport ako , me PRC ako lisensya yun kuya teacher ako..Up grad ako bka need mo diploma..anu pa kuya? Grabe ka kuya ha makapanghusga ka ng tao..tandaan nyo yang ginawa nyo..!" (Yes! I have an ID, I have a passport, and I have my PRC license. I’m a teacher. I’m a UP graduate. Do you also need a diploma? What more? You’re too judgmental, remember this, what you’ve done to me.)

According to the post, the netizen then went straight to the other bank right across RCBC. Security Bank in the post, didn’t even questioned the ‘inked’ netizen and welcomed her openly. The netizen even lauded the bank’s service and its personnel, named May for assisting her.

“So this is my open message to everyone. Yes, I have a lot of tatttoos but I am not a troublemaker. People always gave people label in the way they look and even in everything we do. Just go ahead and let them create labels because I don't give a f_ck. Come and judge me but make sure you have better credentials than I am” the netizen wrote.

In the end of her viral post, the UP graduate doesn’t want anything to happen to the security guard whom discriminated her.

The ‘Think Ink’ Facebook post immediately went viral with 6,200+ likes and has been shared over 3,000+ times. The comment section of the post were filled with alike stories from other netizens stooped down because of their tattoos. Some of the commenters were even professional individuals with decent jobs.

Here's the full Facebook post.

 'Inked' UP graduate discriminated at local bank

--Mae Tuazon, The Summit Express

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