PBB: 'Lucky Season 7' Third Teen Eviction Night Results

MANILA, Philippines - Fenech Veloso, popularly known as "Ballroom Baby ng Bohol" was evicted from the Big Brother house during the live third eviction night for teen edition of 'Lucky Season 7' on Saturday, September 10.

PBB: 'Lucky Season 7' Third Teen Eviction Night Results

Same with the previous eviction night, there was no public voting to determine the latest evictee. The results were based solely on the housemate's ability to win the 'Lig-task' challenge.

The five housemates in danger of elimination were tasked in a memory game. They need to match 50 objects (25 pairs) in the shortest time. Other remaining housemates chose their nominated housemate whom they want to help in the special challenge - Kristine Hammond picked Fenech Aimee Veloso, Maymay Entrata chose Kisses Delavin, Edward Barber to Heaven Peralejo while Yong Muhajil and Vivoree Esclito both chose Marco Gallo.

Fenech got the longest time in the memory game, 13 minutes and 7 seconds.

Housemates who were saved from eviction include Kisses (12 minutes and 43 seconds), Heaven (11 minutes and 52 seconds), Marco (9 minutes and 15 seconds) and Christian (5 minutes and 4 seconds).

While the public cannot vote to save the nominees until seven housemates are left, they can give an advantage to one nominee by using Twitter hashtags given by the show. The nominee with the highest hashtag count will be given an advantage for their challenge.

The 'PBB Padaluck' final results were also announced on Saturday. Kisses just to need to pair 48 objects in doing the task as she received the highest number of mentions, 378,259. Meanwhile, Christian, Marco and Fenech and Heaven garnered 12,195, 35,616, 44, 122 and 213,107 mentions, respectively.

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