VIDEO: Passenger wins over cab driver who charged her P3600 for trip from NAIA to Cubao

MANILA, Philippines - An abusive taxi driver and his cohort had to learn the hard way after the passengers they victimized almost put them behind bars.

Passenger wins over cab driver who charged her P3600 for trip from NAIA to Cubao

In a viral Facebook post, netizen Janine Jennilyn narrated how her and her brother escaped the evil plans of a cab driver and his accomplice, a barker, who attempted to charge them P3600 for a trip from Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3 to a bus terminal in Cubao, Quezon City.

Janine said that she and her brother decided to ride the taxi at the NAIA terminal 3 after a barker offered a metered cab.

She and her brother sensed something was wrong after finding that the barker also rode the taxi and sat next to the driver. Halfway through the trip, their suspicions were eventually confirmed when the barker demanded that they should pay P3600 for the trip.

taxi driver modus NAIA
taxi driver modus NAIA

Although this came as a surprise to them, Janine and her brother decided to pretend that they agree with the men as they knew they were capable of hurting them. Unknown to the men, Janine and her brother had crafted a plan to evade them.

Janine and her brother apparently told the two men that they need to withdraw cash from an ATM machine in order to pay the fare. After spotting a police station, which the two men didn’t notice, Janine and her brother asked the two men to drop them off. This gave them the chance to seek help from the police.

Upon seeing the police, the driver immediately unloaded their bags and sped off even if the taxi doors were still open.

“Actually ,ang plano po namin is bayadan sila kaharap yung mga police to discuss yung paniningil nila ng 3600 samin. Pero nung nakita palang nilang tumawag ako ng police,, nag tatakbo na po sila,” Janine said in her post.

Here are videos of Janine’s conversation with the tricksters.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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