#JusticeForDixie: Missing dog found, beaten to death

MANILA, Philippines – A viral post of a missing Siberian Husky has been making rounds on social media this week. On Thursday night, #JusticeForDixie trended online. The dog was found beaten up, lifeless and apparently skinned on a nearby creek.

#JusticeForDixie: Missing dog found, beaten to death

Facebook post about a missing dog named “Dixie" went more noticeable for its exceptional bounty of P20,000 for those who can find the cold-weather dog.

According to the bulletin, the 4-year old dog is owned by Joan Cristy Dee and Derek Dee. Dixie was lost last Sunday, September 4 in Greenfield Heights Subdivision, in front of Bucal Elementary School, Dasmarinas Cavite. Dixie is also owned by Michelle Marquez Dee, model and daughter of beauty queen Melanie Marquez.

Based on the series of tweets by Michelle Dee, Dixie was sent to the family’s farm to play and run around. But the husky heard a lightning, which sent her running off. Dixie has been missing all afternoon since then.

On September 5, the model tweeted with an update on the missing dog. An eye witness saw the husky taken by pickup truck, Dee ended the tweet “Hope they have good intentions.” She wrote.

But on her tweet on Wednesday, things turn out worse as Dee said her dog was found lifeless, and apparently beaten to death by the creek near the Dee’s farm.

Hours after, the model tweeted what appeared to be a confirmation of Dixie’s faith:

Just last night, Dee tweeted serious sensitive photos confirming that Dixie was the lifeless dog found in the nearby creek near their farm;

Caution, below are disturbing photos:

In the photos, Dixie was skinned of her fur, beaten and burned. Based on the photos, she was canned into a rice sack and left by the creek.

Sympathy was poured down on Dixie, seeking justice from the cruel faith of the dog. The photos were retweeted over 1,800+ times with netizens saddened and horrified from the brutal animal cruelty.

--Mae Tuazon, The Summit Express

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