UP alumna with 'critical opinion' towards Duterte allegedly threatened with murder

    MANILA, Philippines – A respected economist and alumna of University of the Philippines School of Economics (UPSE) was allegedly threatened with murder in August due to her criticizing online posts towards President Rodrigo Duterte, a netizen has revealed on Facebook.

    Alleged UP alumna with critical opinion towards Duterte threatened with murder

    Posted Monday, September 19, Facebook user named “Nonoy Oplas” shared a rather disturbing story of said UPSE alumna. In his short post, the unnamed alumna is said to have “critical opinion” on her Facebook wall towards the tough-talking president.

    Oplas narrated that on August 20, while his colleague is driving a car around Holy Spirit Drive, Quezon City, a man unexpectedly appeared at her side, his head hidden in a jacket, then raised his middle finger to her and with a shout threatened her “Mam p***** ina mo! Papatayin ka na namin!” (F*** you Ma’am! We’ll kill you!)

    In the comment section Oplas narrated further in the post as other netizens pour with shocked and disturbed reactions:

    “Her mother was with her when that happened. After that threat from that man, she stepped on the gas fast and went to UP Diliman. Informed her friends and officemates. She deactivated her fb that same day.”

    Oplas claims as he answered a comment that Duterte’s “War on Drugs” transformed into "war on people who vocally dislike PDu30.”

    The post then went viral and was shared 276 times as of press time horrifying netizens with such act.

    It is not the first time that Duterte critics were threatened. According to report by Rappler, last May 2, an “Anti Duterte” voter named “Renee Karunungan” filed a total of 34 complaints after her post of why she’s campaigning to not vote Duterte went viral. She was then bullied and threatened by alleged Duterte supporters on the internet.

    Also, in a report by Philstar, a series of violent act arise against Duterte supporters sprouted too during the election season last May. One of these is the case of Liberal Party critic and a Duterte supporter named “Dr. X” whom is also a radio announcer was threatened after his car was showered by bullets just as he get off from it.

    --Mae Tuazon, The Summit Express

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