Tricycle driver in Batangas road rage is on list of suspected drug users

MANILA, Philippines - Noviem Manzareno, the tricycle driver in the road rage incident that took place in Maharlika Highway in Sto. Tomas, Batangas early this week, is a suspected drug user in his barangay.

According to Barangay San Antonio Chair Dennis Reyes, Manzareno is among the alleged drug personalities in their barangay. Since the victim, Geremiah Ngan and driver Elbert Tagob will not press charges against Manzareno, Reyes said they will just give him counselling.

Manzareno will receive a three-day suspension from his Tricycle Operators and Drivers Association (TODA).
Tricycle driver in Batangas road rage
Do you think a three-day suspension from his Toda is enough punishment for the tricycle driver? PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/James Deakin
On Wednesday, August 17, Ngan posted a dash cam video of the incident on his Facebook account which quickly went viral. In the short video clip, Manzareno’s tricycle hit the side mirror of Ngan’s delivery truck. Tagob immediately stopped the vehicle to fix the side mirror but moments later, Manzareno was seen furiously approaching them and started punching the windshield and destroying the wiper of the truck.

During the incident, Ngan and Tagob didn’t go down the truck to face Manzareno.

In his interview with ABS-CBN News, Ngan said he is not keen to file a formal complaint against Manzareno.

“The hassle that we have to go through just to get the papers rolling, ipapa-pulis mo pa and lahat so hindi na. I really just posted the video just keep my friends and family aware,” Ngan said.

Meanwhile, Manzareno apologized for his actions saying that he only lost his cool when Tagob allegedly cursed at him. He also denied using illegal drugs prior to the incident.

Watch the video report.

Several netizens commented that the three-day suspension is not enough punishment for Manzareno’s action.

“I think we need a law that automatically charge someone with or without a complainant if there is sufficient evidence presented like these videos. Some efforts of these videos are useless let say in this case, the truck wont file charges. So its just a 3 day suspension even knowing he is a drug addict? Thats bulls***. Since the crime is very obvious the government or justice dept should automatically prosecute them,” a certain JSam Go commented in a post by James Deakin.

Mekibou Fule said: “Just 3 days? He should not be entrusted to even have a license to drive at all! He endangered the lives of his passengers and others as well. The least could have been to take his license and never drive again! Are they just going to wait for another beast mode incident?”

--Mini, The Summit Express

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