Here’s the reason why millennials are having less sex than their parents

Ever heard of the “hookup culture” often linked to millennials? A new study suggests that this perception about millennials is just a myth.

In a study carried out by researchers from Florida Atlantic University, it was found that 15% of millennials between the ages of 20 and 24 claimed having no sexual partners since they were 18. Only 6% of generation X reported the same at that age.

millenials are having less sex than their parents
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The study published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior also revealed that millennials were likely to have had an average of 8 partners, while those from the previous generation were more likely to have had 10 or 11.

This sexual trend, according to researchers, may be attributed to economic realities and other factors such as technology, changing sexual attitudes and lesser pressure.

Study lead Jean Twenge said millennials are finding more ways to entertain themselves making sex less important. With technology becoming an integral part of their everyday lives, millennials are spending more time on social media and have fewer opportunities to “hook up”.

According to Dr. Helen Fisher of Rutgers University, millennials, who are often perceived as focused on sleeping around, are actually focused on in getting ahead.

“In their 20s I think they’re working very hard. There’s something to be said for the fact that they may be taking relationships and commitment more seriously,” Fisher explained.

Jeffrey Arnett of Clark University believes growing up in a generation with an awareness of sexually transmitted disease such as HIV/AIDS makes millennials calculate risky behavior and are more likely to use condoms than the previous generation.

“It could be that the children saw the consequences of not following the rules—high divorce rates, drug addiction, and a lot of teenage pregnancy and so on, and there are many of them who have grown up to be more conservative in terms of some of their own social behavior,” Arnett said.

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