Aquino admin accused by comedian-director Manny Castañeda of receiving drug-money

MANILA, Philippines - Veteran director and comedian Manny Castañeda is now at the center of controversy after his Facebook post alleging the Aquino administration of protecting and benefitting from narco-politicians spread like wildfire on social media.

Aquino admin accused by comedian-director Manny Castañeda of receiving drug-money
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Castañeda speculated that the members of the Aquino administration, having ignored the illegal drug menace and consequently allowing it to grow rapidly in the country, may be recipients of money from the drug trade. He explained that the suspicious actions of Sen. Leila de Lima and Sen. Franklin Drilon, who are members of Aquino’s Liberal Party, appear to be efforts to make President Rodrigo Duterte’s list of narco-politicians seem “useless.”

“Instead of being jubilant, it was noticeable that the yellow personalities became suspiciously defensive. Everything was done to discredit the list and to make it look irrelevant and useless. All concerted efforts seem very suspicious indeed. There must be a more substantial reason for this tirade other than just sheer dislike for Pres. Duterte as a political adversary. The noose is getting tight maybe?” Castañeda explained.

In his post, Castañeda also alleged the Aquino administration of doing nothing despite knowledge of the existence of narco-politics in the Philippines. Castañeda even cited former Department of Interior Local Government (DILG) chief and losing presidential candidate Mar Roxas as an example saying that the former possessed explicit data about the drug problem in Davao City. It can be recalled that Roxas once said that he knew where to buy illegal drugs in Davao City to debunk Duterte’s claim that Davao City is drug-free.

Castañeda, with all the details he mentioned, concluded that the Aquino administration was indeed receiving drug-money.

“With all the circumstances mentioned, I cannot help but conclude that the Aquino administration was a recipient of drug-money,” Castañeda explained. “It is only this motive that can explain their behavior.”

Furthermore, Castañeda also alleged priests and bishops of receiving drug-money via donations.

Read his full post below.

Manny Castaneda Facebook post

--Mini, The Summit Express

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