LOOK: 6 advantages of getting pregnant in your 30s

    Like many women these days, you’ve decided to follow your dreams, establish a career and save money before finally getting hitched at around 30 years old. While this life strategy has many advantages, you might feel worried about starting a family at this point in time.
    Advantages of getting pregnant in your 30s

    According to a research conducted by the US Center for Disease Control, more and more women are willing to delay motherhood as about one in 5 births in US are now to women 35 and older due to social changes and medical advances.

    Being a mom in your 30s is not going to be easy as it poses a number of risks to you and your child. But certainly, being a mom after 30 has advantages other moms don't get to have.

    Take a look at the list of benefits for women who decide to have kids after the age of 30, based on an article released by eHow.com.

    1. Financially Secure

    At this point, it is likely that you can provide better for your kids because you have established a stable career and is more financially secured. Compared to most mothers in their 20s who have to juggle building a career and raising little ones, women in their 30s have one less thing to worry about.

    2. More Life Experience

    You have generally lived more and have acquired tons of life experience to compared to younger moms. Use these experiences as an advantage in parenting.

    3. Look and Feel Younger

    Being a mom can be stressful and possibly add years to your face but you can turn your life around and make motherhood actually work for you. As superficial as it may seem, a 30-year-old mom carrying a new baby may actually look like a mother in her 20s with the right outlook and outfit.

    4. Live Longer

    A study carried out by researcher Thomas Perls of the New England Centenarian Study showed that women capable of having children after the age of 33 have bigger chances of living longer compared to moms who had their last child before the age of 30.

    5. Higher Threshold of Patience

    If there’s one particular trait every parent should have, it must be patience. There’s no doubt that moms in their 30s have greater patience compared to young and sometimes older moms. This is certainly a plus for you since you’re going to deal with all the madness parenthood entails.

    6. Helpful Friends

    Now that you’re in your 30s, we’re quite certain some if not most of your friends have been in the parenthood department for quite some time. That could only mean one thing- they’re more experienced! You now have someone to turn to when it comes to helpful tips and advices in dealing with your little ones.

    --Mini, The Summit Express
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