VIDEO: Orlando mass shooting victim sends heartbreaking text to mom prior to his death

Mina Justice revealed her disturbing exchange of text messages with son Eddie, one of the victims killed in the recent mass shooting in a gay bar in Orlando, Florida this weekend.

Orlando mass shooting victim sends heartbreaking text to mom prior to his death
Before he was fatally shot, Eddie Justice sent a series of heartbreaking text messages to his mom. PHOTO CREDIT:
Her 30-year-old son was among the 50 revellers fatally shot by Omar Mateen, a 29-year-old Muslim American of Afghan descent, inside a well-known gay hangout, Pulse Night Club. More than 50 people were wounded during the incident dubbed as the worst mass shooting in modern US history.

According to Mina, she was sound asleep when she received a text message from her son.

At around 2:06 am, Mina received the first message: “Mommy I love you.”

“In club they shooting.”

Mina attempted to call her son but he didn’t answer her calls so she decided to text him to check if he was ok.

“Trapp in bathroom,” Eddie replied at 2:07 am.

The mother then asked which club Eddie was in to which he replied: “Pulse. Downtown. Call police.”

At 2:08 am, he texted her: “I’m gonna die.”

By this time, Mina was already wide awake and started contacting 911. Over the next several minutes, she sent her son a series of confused messages.

“I’m calling them now.
U still in there
Answer our damn phone
Call them
Call me.”

Several minutes later at 2:39 am, Eddie replied: “Call them mommy. Now.”

He told her that he was in the bathroom.

“He’s coming
I’m gonna die.”

Mina then asked Eddie if anyone was hurt and which bathroom he was in.

“Lots. Yes,” Eddie wrote at 2:42 am.

When she didn't get a reply from her son, Mina sent several more text messages asking if he was with police.

Mina wrote: “Text me please.”

Four minutes later, he responded: “No.”

"Still here in bathroom. He has us. They need to come get us.”

Mina, at around 2:49 am, told Eddie that the police were there.

Eddie responded: “Hurry.”

“He’s in the bathroom with us.”

“Is the man in the bathroom wit u?” Mina asked.

“He’s a terror,” Eddie wrote.

A minute later, Mina received the final text message from her son: “Yes.”

In the early hours of Monday morning, authorities confirmed that Eddie was among those who tragically died in the mass shooting.

Eddie, an accountant by profession, was described by Mina as a homebody who liked to eat and work out. He lived in a condo in downtown Orlando and liked making everyone laugh.

According to his mom, she was aware that he was gay and at a club.

Watch the video report.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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