Duterte spokesman in hot water for apparently breaking parking rule at Greenhills Shopping Center

MANILA, Philippines- President-elect Rodrigo Duterte’s voice for the next 6 years has come under fire after a netizen alleged him of violating a parking rule at Greenhills Shopping Center on Sunday, June 12.
President-elect Rodrigo Duterte and Atty. Salvador Panelo at a gathering in Bacolod in April.
President-elect Rodrigo Duterte and Atty. Salvador Panelo at a gathering in Bacolod in April. PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Natalie Lacson
According to a Facebook post by netizen Clarisse Evangelista, Atty. Salvador Panelo parked his gray Mercedes Benz in a no parking zone outside Mercury Drug Store and Tropical Hut Shoppesville despite warnings from the shopping centre’s security guard to move his car.

Instead of following the guard’s order, Panelo apparently didn't budge, stepped out of his car and placed a Duterte tarpaulin on his hood before leaving his car.

In her post, Evangelista told witnesses who had different perception of the incident: “I have no plans of trying to change their opinion. This I know for certain: parking is prohibited on the streets inside Greenhills Shopping Centre, regardless of who you are. There are designated parking buildings.”

Several hours after Evangelista’s post spread like wildfire on social media, the presidential spokesperson denied the claims of the netizen and narrated his side of the story.

Panelo, a lawyer of high profile cases in the country, admitted he parked his car in front of the two establishments and asked permission from the security guard if he could leave his car for a while as he was to purchase a bottle of virgin coconut oil at the Mercury Drug Store. The security guard, according to Panelo, granted his request and told him he could park his car in front of the Theater Mall parking zone after buying the item in the drug store.

However, several Duterte supporters apparently saw him and requested to have selfies with him. One of them, according to the incoming Cabinet member, asked him to put a Duterte sticker in the hood of his car so it would show up on the photo.

“After those selfies I bought the said item at the Mercury and in less than 5 minutes I returned to my car and the guard guided me to park my car in front of the Theater Mall where the guards allowed other car drivers to park their cars,” Panelo narrated.

Panelo stressed that he did not violate any parking regulation nor did he show any form of arrogance during the incident.

“Evidently the person posting such false narration of an incident intended to put my image into bad light and picture me as abusive. Obviously too the person is an anti Duterte basher who converted a casual incident into a false and malicious narration of an event with the purpose of maligning my person,” Panelo added.

Read his full post.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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