Noli de Castro allegedly discriminates transwoman politician

MANILA, Philippines - Former Vice President Noli De Castro might have retired from politics six years ago. He's now back to broadcasting after his government tenure. Many say, you're pretty much liberated outside politics. Free from stress, nationwide obligations, death threats, false allegations and controversy.

Netizens react on Kabayan’s alleged discriminatory comments to  the first ever transgender politician.
Netizens react on Kabayan’s alleged discriminatory comments to PH's first ever transgender politician.
Photo Credit: CNN/DZMM
De Castro, who is also popular to all Filipino people as "Kabayan" indeed enjoys being a news anchor and obviously his biggest passion.

But couple of days after the national elections, Kabayan was all of a sudden dipped into a pool of controversy by unconsciously uttering discriminatory remarks towards proclaimed First Legislative District of Bataan Representative Geraldine Roman during his DZMM morning radio program.

Noli “Kabayan” De Castro on air.
Noli “Kabayan” De Castro on air.
Roman has just cemented a history in Philippine politics for being the country's first ever transwoman in the congress. Immediately after Geraldine's official proclamation at COMELEC Bataan provincial office, global news leaders like CNN released their articles about the first Transgender Politician in Philippines.

Geraldine Roman is the Philippines’ first ever transgender politician
The world lauded Geraldine Roman as the Philippines’ first ever transgender politician.

LGBT and politics have been a hot nationwide issue recently. Few months ago, Pinoy Pride and Boxing Ring Icon, Cong. Manny Pacquiao expressed his thoughts on same sex marriage where Pacman unintentionally made a statement towards the LGBT community, branding the same sex union as animalistic. It quickly escalated and gathered millions of negative feedback from the netizens. A handful of prominent personalities like Boy Abunda, Aiza Seguerra, Vice Ganda and Dave “Batista” Bautista just to name a few vented their ire and frustration on Pacquiao. Manny felt the ill-impact on various senatorial surveys as his rating drastically dropped by huge percentage.

Morning of May 11, 2016 during his live radio program, De Castro allegedly commented on Geraldine Roman's congressional seat topic: "Hindi sya woman, hindi sya man, e di congressperson."

And just like that, the veteran broadcaster was peppered by negative feedback on all social media platforms just like Pacquiao.

As of posting, neither De Castro nor Roman hasn’t released any statement with regards to the said sensitive issue. No celebrities or politicians have shared their sentiments on both camps as well.

Regardless whose side are the netizens on; this will be a long and trending topic especially nowadays that we're all in the heat of post election period. One thing is also for sure; this will reach the international media scene and will place Philippines in the lime light again along with the controversial and newly elected President.

The Summit Express will be on standby to bring you Noli De Castro and Geraldine Roman's response.

--Joey Boy Capos, The Summit Express

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