LOOK: Adorable girl in Belo baby commercial is Hayden Kho and Vicki Belo’s daughter

    MANILA, Philippines - For the first time, celebrity doctors Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho have shared photos of their daughter, Scarlet Snow, on their respective Instagram accounts.

    Hayden Kho with Scarlet Snow.
    "Like father like daughter." Hayden Kho with Scarlet Snow. Photo Credit: Instagram/Vicki Belo
    Calling Scarlet Snow “the sunshine of our lives,” Belo said that her daughter has positively affected their lives.

    “This is the sunshine of our lives . Meet our baby @scarletsnowbelo. It's amazing how this little girl has affected @dochayden and my life in such a positive way,” Belo wrote in the caption of the photo.

    Scarlet Snow
    Scarlet Snow. Photo Credit: Instagram/Vicki Belo
    Meanwhile, Kho wrote: “I guess God knew fatherhood would change me completely and bring me closer to being the kind of man He always wanted me to be, so He sent me and Vicki an angel who is to be our lifelong inspiration. Ladies and gentlemen, meet our daughter, Scarlet Snow.”

    Hayden Kho's daughter Scarlet Snow.
    Hayden Kho's daughter Scarlet Snow. Photo Credit:  Instagram/Hayden Kho
    If you think you have seen baby Scarlet Snow before, that’s probably true because she previously appeared in the commercial ad for Belo Baby, a bath and body products line for babies.

    A video posted by Hayden Kho, jr, M.D. (@dochayden) on

    A video posted by Hayden Kho, jr, M.D. (@dochayden) on

    The couple, who didn’t divulge details as to when their daughter was born, have also set up an Instagram account for her.

    Can't get over to her cuteness? Here are more photos of Scarlet Snow (photos courtesy of Hayden Kho and Dra. Vicki Belo on Instagram).

    Scarlet Snow Belo

    Scarlet Snow Belo

    Scarlet Snow Belo

    Scarlet Snow Belo

    In May last year, it was reported that the two attempted to conceive a child via artificial insemination using a surrogate mother. Belo refused to answer questions regarding the issue and instead directed reporters to Kho.

    Kho, on the other hand, told a Pep.ph reporter: “‘Yang mga ganyang bagay ay hindi pinag-uusapan dito.”

    (Those things shouldn’t be discussed here).

    Despite their 25-year-age gap, Belo and Kho have been in an on-and-off relationship since 2005.

    After the much-publicized sex scandal issue of Kho with several women in 2010, Belo decided to put an end to their relationship. But in December that year, the two got engaged during a vacation in the U.S. The engagement was eventually called off but the two remain good friends.

    --Mini, The Summit Express
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