Filipinos bid final goodbye to 'Courageous Caitie'

MANILA, Philippines – After spending almost two months in a well-known hospital in Singapore, undergoing intensive medication and battling one of the rarest form of leukemia, the body of Caitie Lucas, also known as “Courageous Caitie” arrived last Friday night at the Arlington Memorial Chapels in Araneta Ave., Quezin City via Philippine Airlines. Today, April 3, 2016, families, friends and admirers of Caitie bid their final farewell to the little warrior.

Goodbye 'Courageous Caitie'

Confetti showered and filled the air as the black vehicle carrying the girl’s body touched the vicinity of the memorial chapel along with unsuppressable claps and cheer as symbols of honor and admiration not only for Caitie herself but also for JayJay and Feliz Lucas, the parents of our tiny hero.

Caitie’s wake was totally different from all the funeral services that we know. The memorial chapel was fully decorated with colorful designs and was transformed into a children party themed ambience. The family wanted the memorial service to be a happy and fun-filled event in memoriam of Caitie. The visitors were encouraged to wear cartoony or colorful bandaids to commemorate the little one’s bravery while she was on her sick bed. According to JayJay, Caitie loved to wear bandaids because it calmed, gave comfort and removed her anxieties.

Courageous Caitie wears her colorful bandaids
Courageous Caitie wears her colorful bandaids. Photo Credit: Courageous Caitie Fan Page
It was pure and overflowing love for Caitie, as her visitors filled the biggest funeral room of Arlington Memorial Chapels with lots of singing and testimonies from her loved ones. Feliz, during her eulogy, narrated that Caitie’s last words before she left was all about Jesus’ love for her and love for others. They even sang little miss’ favorite kids’ church songs on her death bed and that’s why her parents taught the the crowd Caitie’s favorite songs with matching actions during the memorial service like they were in kids’ church, praising and worshiping.

People from different parts of the nation came to see Courageous Caitie for the very last time. She and her father were true Star Wars fans so as a sign of respect, fellow Star Wars fanatics dressed-up as Storm Troopers paid the “brave and little Jedi” a visit and volunteered to be her honor guards.

Storm Troopers were Caitie’s honor guards
Storm Troopers were Caitie’s honor guards. Photo Credit: Courageous Caitie Fan Page
When Caitie was confined in one of the popular hospitals here in Philippines, the same cosplayers along with Darth Vader character visited her and the other children-patients in the floor where she was admitted and cheered them up.

At exactly 4:00 in the afternoon, Caitie’s body was brought to the crematorium for her cremation. As her body was on her way to the cremation room, people greeted her waving their pink balloons with smiles on their faces as signs of their ultimate love for the brave little warrior.

Lots of love for Courageous Caitie from her friends and loved ones.
Lots of love for Courageous Caitie from her friends and loved ones. Photo Credit: Courageous Caitie Fan Page
JayJay and Feliz, are also known for being supporters of children with rare diseases. Couple of months ago, a law has been passed and signed giving all patients with rare diseases priority and financial assistance. And just hours after Caitie’s cremation, her parents posted on her Facebook encouraging the big pharmaceutical companies to combine efforts in building a facility where there are modern technologies which can detect mystery diseases like what their children had.

Courageous Caitie Fan Page
Photo Credit: Courageous Caitie Fan Page
Truly, Courageous Caitie’s passing didn’t go to waste. The 257,274 likes and counting on her page were not just random likers. They are people whose lives were touched by the child’s unbelievable display of hope, faith and bravery. These hundred of thousands of people were taught by Caitie not to give-up and keep the faith and hope alive despite of any difficult circumstances that life may bring us.

You will never be forgotten Little One. You fought well. You’re in safe place now.

Goodbye and thank you for the indelible lessons, Courageous Caitie!

-Joey Boy Capos, The Summit Express

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