Woman purchases Apple iPhone 6s online, but gets a Pear phone

A woman from Wuxi in southern Jiangsu province in China got the biggest shock of her life after opening a package supposedly containing the iPhone 6s she purchased online. Instead of finding the highly anticipated Apple smartphone, the woman found herself unboxing a fake iPhone with a “pear” on the back.

The woman identified as “Zhao” apparently bought the phone for only 3,400 RMB or a little over $500. In contrast, an iPhone 6s normally costs around $690 so Zhao assumed that she got a great deal online.

However, Zhao had to give additional 5,000 RMB or $770 to the seller after she was informed that the Customs have gotten hold of her gadget. The seller even promised to refund the money back once she receives her phone. Still unsuspicious of the online seller’s dirty tactics, Zhao transferred the money.

Pear phone online
PHOTO CREDIT: Shanghaiist
Although a package arrived at her house, Zhao soon learned that she spent 8,400 RMB or $1,300 for an imitation of the iPhone 6s with a pear logo at the back. She attempted to contact the online fraudster but as expected, the scumbag had already blacklisted her.

iPhone fake
PHOTO CREDIT: Shanghaiist
People who pretend to be legitimate online sellers and operate a fake online shop are called online shopping scammers. They take advantage of the anonymous nature of the internet to get money from unsuspecting shoppers. They usually use fake retailer websites and offer suspicious payment methods such as wire transfer, money order and pre-loaded money card.

Shoppers should consider it as a warning sign when the price or the features of the product being advertised sound too good to be true. When the seller insists on immediate payment particularly via electronic funds transfer or wire service, it can also be a sign that he or she is not a legitimate seller.

Before purchasing items online, make sure to buy the product from a legitimate and reputable online shop. Check out seller ratings and do some research online before paying for the product. Lastly, always pay through a secure payment service. -Mini, The Summit Express

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