VIDEO: Chinese tourists shovel food on their plates at buffet in Thailand

A video showing a group of Chinese tourists doing something peculiar in a buffet restaurant in Chiang Mai Thailand is making rounds on the internet.

Chinese tourists shovel food on their plates at buffet in Thailand
These hungry tourists’ behavior inside a buffet restaurant in Thailand will appall you!
Tagged by netizens as greedy, several hungry Chinese tourists were caught “climbing” over each other and using their plates to scoop food at a Thai buffet restaurant. A video of the “feeding frenzy” emerged online and was heavily criticized by the Thai media.

In the controversial video, the tourists seemed desperate to hoard prawns as one woman was seen filling four plates, while others struggle to get what’s left using either their plates or hands. Towards the end of the video, the tourists were seen walking away with several plates filled with the seafood.

Watch the shocking video.

A report claimed that hotel staff were horrified to discover that much of the food taken by the tourists were left uneaten. In fact, several photos showing a huge pile of the wasted food were posted on Twitter.

More than the bizarre behavior, the tourists were blasted for the “shameful” food waste.

A certain Facebook user revealed that the appalling behavior of the tourists are commonly seen in a typical Chinese buffet restaurant.

He commented: “Chinese people need to be taught basic mannerism, so greedy about everything and rude.”

Meanwhile, some Chinese explained that such behavior is not common among Chinese in the mainland.

“It is so humiliating! Not all Chinese people act this way. I have to say that most of the mainland Chinese no longer behave like this,” the Chinese commenter wrote.

Some commenters on Shanghaiist have suggested that such behavior is brought about by the outrageous price of shrimps in China. One customer claimed that he was asked to pay about $400 for a plate of shrimps. -Mini, The Summit Express

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