LOOK: Hardworking “Corn Man” inspires netizens, photos go viral

    MANILA, Philippines - Handsome farmers like “carrot man”, “cabbage man” and “strawberry man” have definitely captured the attention of netizens for their undeniable charm and noble jobs, but this armless farmer has made his mark on social media for one incredible reason.

    Hardworking “Corn Man” inspires netizens, photos go viral

    Dubbed as the “corn man,” the hardworking farmer was photographed harvesting corn and doing several household tasks despite his difficult condition. His disability didn’t stop him from earning a living and his feet enabled him to accomplish things that we normally do using our hands. In one of the photos, “corn man” can be seen feeding an old lady who appears to be his mom using his mouth to hold the spoon.

    Corn Man photo

    Corn Man photo

    Although it is not determined if “corn man” is really from the Philippines, his incredible act has inspired Filipino netizens and quickly became a highly discussed topic on social media. His photos shared by the Facebook page Tambayan ni Berto has amassed over 40,000 shares barely 12 hours after posting.

    CORNMAN...Kung ni LIKE mo sina Carrotman, Cabbageman, Waterman at Chicharonman bakit hindi mo rin i LIKE bilang "RESPETO...
    Posted by Tambayan ni Berto on Monday, February 29, 2016

    Moved by the touching images of “corn man,” several Pinoy netizens expressed their admiration for the industrious farmer.

    “Ito dapat ang binibigyan ng pagpupugay at pinapasikat. Ito ang tunay na inspirasyon! Mapagwapo, Mapa average guy ka man basta marangal ang trabaho mo at nagbabanat ka talaga ng buto dapat kang hangaan. Hindi ka pabigat sa lipunan, kahit ang lipunan na ang nagiging pabigat sayo, tuloy lang ang laban!” commented netizen MJ Simacon Fastidio.

    ( He should be the one praised and made famous. He is a true inspiration. Whether you’re a handsome or an average guy, as long as you have a noble job and you work hard, you should be admired. You are not a burden to the society and even if the society becomes a burden to you, you still continue to fight.)

    Andie Dela Cruz Tan added: “Si kuya cornman at carrotman pareho kong hinahangaan... Dahil sila dapat tularan natin... Mga tao na naghahanap buhay ng matino... Mga lalake na hindi batugan at may silbi sa lipunan.”

    (I admire both “corn man” and “carrot man”. We should follow their examples. They are hardworking men who contribute to the society.)

    - Mini, The Summit Express

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