Partylist denies alleged P70-million ‘unholy alliance’ vs. Marcos

MANILA, Philippines - A multi-sectoral partylist coalition issued a statement Tuesday denying all accusations on alleged “unholy alliance” with vice presidential candidate Chiz Escudero in exchange for seventy million pesos to derail the candidacy of his rival Senator Bongbong Marcos for the 2016 national elections.

Sanlakas on Chiz and Bongbong
On alleged “unholy alliance” with Escudero, partylist denies alleged pay-off, says article is pure baloney.
“Sanlakas does not need any prodding, much less need to get paid, for us to take a clear and unequivocal stand against the electoral bid of another Marcos in office,” said Manjette Lopez, president of Sanlakas.

Lopez, herself a victim of martial law, twice arrested and detained explained. “We join hands with the on-going Never Again Campaign and the Campaign Against the Return of the Marcoses to Malacanang (CARMMA) in calling for the rejection of Bongbong Marcos’ candidacy in the coming elections. We demand justice not only for human rights violations, but also the economic injustice inflicted by the plunder of billions of dollars by the Marcos family and cronies.”

On February 28, Manila Times published a story claiming that a reliable source nicknamed as “Heart,” said Escudero’s decision to approve release of the P70 million to the two leftist groups who are enemies of traditional politicians. It was described as a “desperate move” by those who knew about the agreement directly or indirectly.

“The allegations in the article of a certain Nelson Badilla are absolutely fabricated. Sanlakas has no relation with a certain Charlie Avila, the alleged conduit to Senator Escudero. This is pure baloney. We do not need a conduit for we have worked directly with Sen. Escudero in the past on such issues as the fight against contractualization, increase in wages, tax reform vs VAT, and the like.”

“The article is malicious and smacks of red-baiting, very reminiscent of Martial Law tactics when seeking to malign its enemies.” Lopez added. She asserted that the article was intended to hurt Escudero more, alleging an “unholy alliance” with the left, paying in a desperate attempt to undermine BongBong Marcos’ electoral bid.

“But the flux of anti-Martial Law and anti-Marcos sentiments in quad media was overwhelming and cannot possibly be seen as contrived, even if the RAs (Makabayan) and RJs (Sanlakas) conspired to launch a campaign against Bongbong Marcos.” Lopez declared. “No amount of fictitious allegations by Marcos’ paid hacks can hide this.”

Sanlakas and its member organization announced last week that it forged an alliance with Escudero on the basis of advancing demands which includes (1) regular employment; (2) social services such as education, public housing, universal health care, safe and efficient mass transportation; (3) land use and government support to farmers; (4) climate justice and protection to the environment; (5) pro-people budgeting and progressive taxation; (6) eradication of corruption and, (7) people’s sovereignty against foreign and corporate powers.

“But then again, there is still a speck of truth in the article though, and that is that an Escudero victory in the 2016 polls will stop on its tracks Bongbong’s bid to get back in Malacanang.”, Lopez concluded."

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