Netizens shame rape victim who shared her story on Red Alert

MANILA, Philippines - Anastazcia Gutierrez never thought that she will get bashed after sharing her rape story on ABS-CBN's TV program Red Alert.

Anastazcia Gutierrez
Anastazcia Gutierrez. Screengrab from Youtube.
A victim of date rape seven years ago, Gutierrez decided to open up about her painful experience to enlighten other women about the dangers of going on a date with someone they don’t fully know.

In her narration to journalist Atom Araullo, Gutierrez disclosed that she had too much drinks during a date with someone she didn’t fully know. Seeing that she was already drunk, her date insisted to accompany her home. But when they were already inside her room, her date began taking advantage of Gutierrez. Sadly, Gutierrez fell prey to the sexual predator since she didn’t not have enough strength to fight back.

It was in the morning that Gutierrez realized that her date actually raped her.

“Sa tingin ko yung pagkalasing ko factor din na hindi ko naprotektahan ang sarili ko. Pero alam ko na it doesn’t give him any right na gawin yung ginawa niya,” Gutierrez told Araullo.

(I think alcohol intoxication was a factor why I wasn’t able to protect myself. But I know that doesn’t give him any right to do what he did.)

Here’s the video of her interview.

Bashers flooded the YouTube video of Gutierrez’ interview with hurtful and below the belt comments.

“Well,napaka simple,nakipagdate k lng,binangag mo yung sarile mo,you go home with a guy,what do you expect?! To have a prayer meeting,” a netizen commented on YouTube.

(Well, its’s simple. You had a date and you intoxicated yourself. You went home with a guy, what do you expect? To have a prayer meeting.)

Hurt by the comments directed against her, Gutierrez decided to enlighten rape victim shamers and put up a no shame campaign through a lengthy Facebook post.

“It is never the woman's fault. NO MEANS NO. Men will not stop abusing their power when we keep teaching them that their lusts and their needs are uncontrollable, and that we women are the ones who should do something about ourselves (by covering up our bodies, avoiding "shady" places, etc.) when they do something as inhumane as rape,” Gutierrez wrote.

Check out her full Facebook post.

Nakakaloka ang victim shaming talaga dito!!! So Red Alert uploaded my interview about date rape on their YouTube...
Posted by Anastazcia Gutierrez on Thursday, February 4, 2016

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