Starbucks, former barista debunk 'dead mouse in coffee' issue

MANILA, Philippines – A former barista of Starbucks debunked the 'dead mouse in a coffee' issue which went viral recently.

Starbucks barista debunks 'dead mouse in coffee' issue
Marco Carlo Calibara, a former barista of Starbucks says it is impossible for a rat to sneak inside a coffee cup. Photo Credit: Facebook/Marco Carlo Calibara and

In a lengthy post on Facebook, Marco Carlo Calibara who claimed to worked in the said company for three years said the alleged incident is unlikely to happen as the coffee shop is following strict quality standards.

"Unang-una, Ate, WALA KAMING KUSINA, ginagawa namin yung drinks nyo sa harap ninyo ng may sinusunod na beverage quality standards. Kahit subukan kong maglasing para mas dibdibin yung hinanaing mo eh hindi ko maintindihan kung saan ka kumuha ng apog para ipagpilitan yang katangahang pakulo mo," Calibara said.

Calibara also questioned how the mouse will get into the coffee since the the chain has meticulous process of serving drinks. He points out that all Starbucks use high-powered blenders which would have resulted in anything inside the blender chopped to pieces and would have made the coffee red with blood and look like an order of Red Velvet Frappuccino.

"Ang malaking tanong: Paano, PAANO mapupunta yung bubwit na yun doon?? Mas malabo pa sa sabaw ng pusit na sa process ng pag gawa ng drink sya mapupunta — Oh sige, isipin nalang natin na na blend yun ate tulad ng kathang isip na pakulo mo, HELLO?! High-powered yung mga Blenders namin (Vitamix / BlendTec ) sa store, at kahit cellphone mo, oh kamay mo eh kayang durugin no'n kaya wag kang ano dyan! Ano, may pag Matrix na sa pag iwas sa blades ng blender?! Damn bubwit got them skills, eh?!?"

Here's his full post to debunk the allegation against Starbucks:

I've worked with Starbucks for more than 3 years and this is my opinion Re: the issue, (Tataglish-in ko nlang para...
Posted by Marco Carlo Calibara on Thursday, January 28, 2016

On Tuesday, the complainant named Jessica shared that she already drank half of her drink from the world-famous coffee branch in Mandaluyong when she noticed the dead mouse.

VIDEO: Customer allegedly finds dead mouse in her Starbucks coffee

Jessica reported the incident to the Philippine National Police (PNP). On Thursday, the Health and Sanitation Office of the city immediately took action and sent their staff to conduct an investigation at the said branch.

Meanwhile, upon consulting a doctor, Jessica was diagnosed to have been suffering acute gastroenteritis and leptospirosis.

Starbucks Philippines in a statement revealed that they are currently conducting an investigation on the incident.

“We want everyone who visits our stores to enjoy their visit, and we take such claims very seriously. Ensuring all our products meet Starbucks high quality assurance standards is a top priority, and we are actively investigating this customer’s concern, “ Starbucks Philippines said.

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