INFOGRAPHIC: 16 things you need to know about Jejomar Binay

As part of The Summit Express’ commitment in serving as a credible agent of information to its readers for the upcoming presidential elections, our spotlight this week features no less than the second most powerful man in the archipelago, Vice President Jejomar Binay himself.
Alden Richards and Jejomar Binay

Various scandals that have been thrown out to him and his family undeniably tarnished his popularity among the voters, but being a master of Philippine politics, the head honcho of the Coconut Palace is as always prepared to defend his empire through the aid of his wide sphere of influence. Take a look at the sixteen most interesting facts about VP Binay:

16 Things You Need To Know About Vice President Jejomar Binay

1. An orphan and worked for various jobs to complete his education.

Binay was born in November 11, 1942 to Diego Binay of Batangas, a librarian and to Lourdes Cabauatan of Isabela, a school teacher. He has an older sister who unfortunately died earlier making him an orphan.He was adopted by his uncle, Ponciano Binay and earned a living by collecting slop (kaning-baboy) for his uncle's backyard piggery.

2. An 'Iskolar ng Bayan' at UP.

Young Jojo Binay
Young Jojo. Photo credit: Jojo Binay Facebook page

After taking his basic education at the Philippine Normal College, Binay entered the University of the Philippines Preparatory school to complete his secondary education. Later on he proceed at the UP Diliman to earn his degree in Political Science in 1962.

3. A lawyer and a master of other things.

Binay took his law course at the UP College of Law and passed the 1968 bar exams.
Binay took his law course at the UP College of Law and passed the 1968 bar exams. Photo credit: Jojo Binay Facebook page

Binay's aspiration to enrich his knowledge didn't stop as he pursued to become a lawyer. He graduated from the UP College of Law in 1967 and passed the 1968 bar examinations. He also holds master's degrees from the University of Santo Tomas, Philippine Christian University and National Defense College of the Philippines. He also obtained the chance to study at the John F. Kennedy School of Government in Harvard University after joining the seniors executive fellow program while he was enrolled at the Command and General Staff College of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

4. An educator once upon a time.

After acquiring sufficient academic expertise on law and public administration, Binay found himself providing lectures at the Philippine College of Commerce (now PUP), Philippine Women's University and St. Scholastica's College.

5. Fought against martial law as protector of human rights.

And together with some of the most prominent adversaries of the Marcos regime, Binay was part of the group who built the Movement of Attorneys for Brotherhood, Integrity and Nationalism Inc. (MABINI). Binay also joined in the August Twenty-One Movement (ATOM).

6. 'Rambotito' became the first appointed local executive after the martial law years.

Binay and President Cory Aquino
Binay has been very vocal of his loyalty and gratitude to former President Cory Aquino who launched his political career. Photo credit: Jojo Binay Wordpress

Like his ultimate political rival, former DILG Secretary Mar Roxas, Binay also managed to weave long ties with the Aquino family. Through his unwavering loyalty to the former President Corazon Aquino in dismantling martial law, the latter made Binay to be the first appointed local executive in the government as the acting mayor of Makati.

7. Served as the Mayor of the City of Makati for 21 years.

The next local elections of 1988 official solidified the beginning of Binay's two-decade rule in the country's financial capital. He was able to hold his position for another two consecutive terms in 1992 and 1995. He returned as the head of Makati in 2001, after being barred from fourth time reelection as prescribed by the constitution. His long tenure in the city of Makati became Binay's bragging asset when he ran for the post of the vice president as the popularity on how his free medical, education and senior citizen care transformed Makati.

8. Father to five children.

The Binay family
The Binay family. Photo credit: Jojo Binay Facebook page

Binay is married to Dr. Elenita Sombillo-Binay, who also shortly served as mayor of Makati. Their marriage bore them five children namely Jejomar Erwin, Joanna Maria Blanca, Maria Lourdes Nancy, Marita Angeline and Mar-len Abigail.

9. Former MMDA Chairman.

Under the administration of former President Fidel V. Ramos, Binay served as the Chairman of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority from 1990 up to the following year (1991).

10. Held two positions in the Aquino administration.

Binay and PNoy
Far from the present. Old photo of the country’s current top leaders. Photo credit: Coconuts Manila

Although he publicly expressed his interest for the post of being the DILG Secretary way back then, Aquino never granted Binay's wish and instead the DILG position was given to the late Mayor Jesse Robredo of Naga and later on to Mar Roxas. Aquino made Binay as the Chairman of the Housing Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC) and Presidential Adviser for OFW Concerns respectively until June of last year when Binay finally cut his ties with the administration, accusing some people in the administration of destroying his character through various allegations of graft and corruption involving him and his family.

11. Binay's winning percentage is among the highest in the history of VP race.

Binay narrowly escaped Mar Roxas in 2010 with a meager 700,000 votes. His total number of votes totalling to 14,645,574 (41.65%) placed Binay at the third spot in terms of high winning percentages at the post-EDSA era. The list is topped by former Vice Presidents Noli de Castro (49.6%), Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (49.56%), then Binay and lastly by Joseph Estrada (33%).

12. Scout Binay.

Binay Boy Scout
BSP National President Jejomar Binay at the Grand Opening of the World Scout Bureau in Malaysia.  Photo credit:

The vice president is also the current National President of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines and former Chairman of the World Organization of the Scout Movement in the Asia Pacific Region. Binay also has a rank of a Colonel in the Philippine Navy Reserve Force.

13. Binay has a net worth of PHP60.25 million.

As of 2014, Binay has a net worth of 60.25 million pesos, an increase from his previous net worth of 60.12 million pesos in 2013.

14. The first to declare his presidential bid among the five major contenders.

Among his fierce rivals for the presidency, Binay was the first one to publicly announce his dream of becoming the 16th person to lead the country just right after winning his seat as vice president way back in 2010.

15. The oldest to be elected as vice-president at the age of 66.

Binay was already 66 years old when he got elected as vice president of the republic. This makes him as the oldest to be elected vice president. Next in line to him were former vice presidents Fernando Lopez and Emmanuel Pelaez who were 65 and 63 years old at the time of their ascension to the same post.

16. If given a chance, Binay wants Alden Richards to portray him should a biopic be made about him!

Pambansang ‘bae-nay?
Pambansang ‘bae-nay?’ Binay wants Richards to portray him should a biopic featuring him be made.

Despite their skin color and height differences, Binay opts to have Richards, the other half of the phenomenal on-screen loveteam AlDub to portray him if ever there will be a biopic that will feature his life story. Binay reasoned out that since Aldub is the current craze among Pinoys, he picks Richards in order to surely amass a huge amount of moviegoers. Indeed, another entertaining yet effective political strategy from the master himself!

— Michael Santiago, The Summit Express

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