Hit-and-run incident in BGC now settled - report

MANILA, Philippines – A video of a hit-and-run incident involving drivers of a Kymco scooter and a Toyota Innova (ACA-9130) at the Bonifacio Global City at around 10 am on Tuesday, January 26 went viral on social media after it was shared by Nic Uyliapco on the Facebook page of Top Gear Philippines.

A video of a hit-and-run incident at BGC
A video of a hit-and-run incident at BGC went viral on social media. Screengrab from Facebook/Top Gear Philippines

In the video, the driver of the Innova vehicle was spotted hurriedly leaving the scene and failing to give any kind of help to the driver of the scooter he allegedly hit. As a result, social media users slammed the driver for not taking responsibility for his action.

According to an article by TopGear.com.ph, lawyer Haydee Chavez, the owner of the Innova vehicle, has contacted them to shed light on the incident. Chavez said that their family driver Edgardo Hurna, 53, was driving their vehicle when the incident occurred. Hurna informed the family about the incident as there were visible scratches on the bumper of the vehicle.

However, it was only after they saw the viral video of the incident that they realized the severity of situation.

Speaking to TopGear, Chavez said: “After seeing the video, we immediately went to the police station with the vehicle and our driver to report the incident. We are willing to face the consequences of what happened, and settle with the motorcycle rider.”

Although Hurna was described by Chavez as a “seasoned” driver, the former panicked and escaped the scene as a knee-jerk reaction since it was the first time for him to be involved in such incident.

Hurna voluntarily surrendered to the Taguig Traffic Bureau (TTB) on Thursday, January 28.

Meanwhile, the victim identified as Vijay Nagale sustained swollen knee and ankle as well as multiple abrasions. The Indian expatriate who is a director at Alcatel-Lucent revealed that he has no plans of filing a complaint against the Innova driver.

"All I wanted was for the driver to get out of the vehicle and help me lift my motorcycle, as I had a hard time doing so because of the injury,” Nagale said.

“I wasn't really looking to file a formal complaint or whatever. I'm a foreigner here, and I don't really want any trouble,” he added.

Nagale also clarified that he wasn’t hit by the Innova vehicle.

“I wasn't hit by the Innova because the moment I saw that it was about to hit me, I let go of my bike, which slid and hit the front part of the vehicle,” he explained.

Police Officer 3 Antonio Sinampan of the TTB said that Hurna would only get a traffic violation ticket due to reckless imprudence resulting in damage to property since the victim hasn’t filed a complaint.

Watch the video of the incident.
Check this out. This is how shameless and irresponsible drivers are these days. Hitting someone and fleeing in broad daylight. Driver of TOYOTA INNOVA with plate number ACA-9130, we hope you get to watch this video and read all the comments. Not only did you hit one motorcyclist, you sideswiped another one as you escaped. Shame on you. (Video from Nic Uyliapco)
Posted by TOP GEAR PHILIPPINES on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

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