TRENDING: Netizens flood Twitter with their #BagyoMoments101

MANILA, Philippines- The wrath of typhoon Nona didn’t stop netizens from storming the Twitterverse with their witty and hilarious thoughts about their rainy day blues.

Netizens flood Twitter with their #BagyoMoments101

The hashtag #BagyoMoments101 generated funny memes and tweets and became one of the trending topics on Tuesday, December 15. From cold love lives to Y.O.L.O. (You Only Ligo Once), the stormy weather definitely brought out the funny side of Filipinos.

Here are some of the best things we’ve seen on Twitterverse.

1. Someone needs a jacket…

2. The struggle is real…

3. Still better than Alma Moreno’s “Kailangan Laging Bukas Ang Ilaw” birth control tip

4. They always make a comeback every typhoon season.

5. Now is the perfect time for hugots.

6. Just a friendly reminder
7. True that!

8. Don’t give up on us baby…

9. Now isn’t that ironic?

10. The perfect way to brave the storm.
- Mini/TheSummitExpress

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