Star Wars craze gives rise to Pinoy memes

MANILA, Philippines - Pinoys just can’t live without memes. In fact, Filipinos almost always come up with memes to provide comic relief or even a commentary to almost every pressing as well as petty issues in the country. From funny Miss Universe introductions to Alma Moreno’s awkward interview, Filipinos creatively channel their voices through memes.

Adding to the latest Star Wars film craze, several fans of the most highly anticipated movie of the year have flooded the Internet with memes poking fun at the much-loved sci-fi movie franchise. Of course, several Pinoy fans have joined the bandwagon and created clever memes of Filipino celebrities and icons.

We’ve rounded up the funniest Pinoy Star Wars memes on social media. May the memes be with you!

While many fans have debated about the new lightsaber design featured in Star Wars: The Force Awakens , there’s no doubt that the Jedi’s weapon of choice looks very cool on Pinoy personalities. Lightsabers indeed unleashed the dark and creative side of social media.

Kyloren Legarda
Kyloren Legarda
PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Suzuki Man
Mahal as Yoda’s bride

Mahal as Yoda’s bride
PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Fitz Gerard Villafuerte

Sith Lucero

PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Mac Mendoza

Episode VI: The Return of the Juday

Episode VI: The Return of the Juday
PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Allan Popa

Of course, someone running for the 2016 elections needs to capitalize on the Star Wars mania. Take for instance, this Jedi from the sands of Paoay.

The Star Wars craze is definitely unavoidable. Even brands didn’t miss the opportunity to ride with the craze.

PAPA Catsup Star Wars
PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/PAPA Catsup

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In case you don’t get all these jokes (since you haven’t seen a single Star Wars film), there’s also a meme dedicated for you.

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