‘Presidential Sampalan’: Roxas retaliates against Duterte’s ‘sampal’ threat

MANILA, Philippines - “Sampalin niya ako, puntahan niya ako dito. Kung hindi punta ako sa Davao, sampalin niya ako sa airport tingnan natin,” an apparently irate former DILG secretary Mar Roxas faced the press at the Urban Poor Solidarity Week held at the University of the Philippines.

Former DILG Secretary Mar Roxas lashed out against Mayor Rody Duterte’s accusations
Sampalan buddies. Former DILG Secretary Mar Roxas lashed out against Mayor Rody Duterte’s accusations.
Photo credit. Manila Bulletin online
The political circus in the country brought by the upcoming national elections soared to another level as the mudslinging of political candidates intensifies. On Monday (December 14), Roxas lashed out against Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte against the allegation of the latter that Roxas is not truly a Wharton graduate as what he claims to be.

Slap me or I’ll slap you.

Roxas wasn’t able to get hold of his emotions during the interview and further spoke about the issue thrown at him by Duterte.

"Ganito, magsampalan kami. Kung hindi totoo ang Wharton degree ko, sampalin mo ako. Hindi ako iiwas o iilag. Pero kung totoo ‘yung Wharton degree ko, sasampalin kita," Roxas said.

[Rough translation: We’ll slap each other. If my Wharton degree is a fake, slap me. I won’t dodge. But if my Wharton degree is true, I’ll be the one to slap you.]

Duterte annoyed on Roxas claim that Davao City’s peacefulness is just a ‘myth’

“You claim to have graduated from Wharton School of Economics. That is a myth. You did not graduate [from] Wharton, Mr. Roxas. Wala doon sa listahan na ikaw naka-kumpleto ng 4 years or 5 years for a degree,” Duterte pertaining to Roxas’ Wharton degree.

The latest word war to erupt among the two mentioned presidential candidates was ignited when Roxas made a statement last week about the ‘myth’ of Davao City being the most peaceful and organized city in the archipelago. Duterte was certainly irked with that statement which prompted him to hit Roxas by saying “pag-magkita kami sa isang kanto dito sa kampanya, sampalin ko yang gagong yan.” Duterte announced that the famed Wharton degree that Roxas earned at the University of Pennsylvania in the United States is fictitious. For Duterte it doesn’t exist and Roxas cannot prove it.

Prior to that, Duterte accused the camp of Roxas a few months ago for spreading malicious rumors that he is suffering from a throat cancer.

UPDATE: Duterte now challenging Roxas on a gun duel 

Duterte said he and Roxas could have a gun duel instead of slapping match.

"Barilan na lang. Takot mamatay ang mga mayayayaman. Anong kinatatakutan ko?" the Davao mayor said.

Roxas, a genuine Wharton graduate

Amidst the controversy, Mar Roxas claims that his academic stint at Wharton School of Business is genuine. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Economics Major in Finance degree at the said academic institution on May 1, 1979.

Roxas an incompetent DILG chief according to Digong

Duterte also mentioned how Roxas inefficiently handled the typhoon Yolanda aftermath which killed hundreds and left thousands of homeless people last 2013. - Michael Santiago/TheSummitExpress

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