BEWARE: New robbery modus targets senior citizens

    MANILA, Philippines – The public is pretty much aware of all kinds of robbery and everyone is somehow prepared on how to counter these crimes. Installing closed circuit televisions (CCTV) in every vital part of our houses can prevent burglary and can scare the crooks away but not every house hold can afford to install their own CCTVs so there are still people who are getting victimized.

    The fake LPG maintenance crew
    The fake LPG maintenance crew with the intentional punctured hose | Photo: Czarina Mae Villaruel Uyaco/FB

    Beware! Especially our dear senior citizens. There’s a new modus operandi victimizing old folks and felons pretend to be LPG delivery and maintenance boys.

    A concerned netizen named Czarina Mae Villaruel Uyaco captured a photo of the alleged delinquent and shared it on Facebook to warn everyone.

    Uyaco stated on her post that a guy knocked at their door and wanted to check their LPG tank. The weird guy explained that their company is in partnership with the City Fire Department to ensure every house hold’s safety.

    Mrs. Uyaco who was with her mother-in-law that time let the fake maintenance guy in their house to inspect their LPG at the kitchen.

    The fraud inspector started to check the LPG and all of a sudden ask for the senior citizen’s any government id for verification purposes. The elder Uyaco left the guy alone at the kitchen and immediately punctured a hole in the hose.

    When the elder Uyaco came back with her government id, the man explained that their LPG hose is damaged and unsafe and needed to be replaced. He then offered his own products in his bag for a specific amount.

    Czarina started to doubt the guy and asked for his credentials. The fake LPG maintenance staff can’t show any proof of identity and can’t even say the company and address where he’s working at. He got obviously nervous, packed his things up instead and left the house in hurry.

    Although, nothing bad happened to the photo uploader and her mother-in-law, it is safe to be aware of this modus.

    Remember the fake Sky Cable guy who used almost the same modus before? He randomly checked every house hold’s cable TV as a mandatory maintenance and robbed and ransacked every drawer and safety boxes leaving whoever at home entangled. Worst, the fake cable guy reportedly raped a woman in her own house after robbing her money and valuables.

    The same situation could have happened on the concerned netizen and her mother-in-law. Good thing they were fast enough to foil the attempted robbery.

    Piece of advice, never let any stranger in our house especially the unexpected ones. Always keep our guards up and stay vigilant. - Joey Boy Capos/TheSummitExpress

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