'PBB 737' first nomination night: Bailey, Barbie are nominated housemates

    MANILA, Philippines - On its first week since debut, Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) 737 housemates faced the first nomination night on Saturday, June 27, 2015. Two of the housemates were nominated for eviction next week.

    Bailey May

    Unlike with the previous edition, PBB has implemented the traditional voting system only for PBB 737. However, the nominated housemates will be given a 'Lig-Task' challenge with the winner to get immunity from the nomination.

    The first name included in the list of nominated housemates was 16-year old from Albay Barbie Imperial dubbed by PBB as "Doll Along Da Riles ng Albay." Barbie got a total of 14 points from her co-housemates.

    Barbie Imperial PBB

    The “Teen Mama ng Manila" Kamille Filoteo and "Global Gwapito ng UK" Bailey Thomas May were announced next as they got identical 4 votes respectively.

    Kamilee Filoteo PBB 737

    On Saturday night, the 'Lig-Task' challenge was done by the nominated housemates.

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    In the said challenge, they had to shoot several balls in box containers marked as 7-3-7 which were placed in a slippery inclined plane. A ball shot at 7 containers indicated that housemate gained 7 points, while at the 3 container indicates 3 points. The housemate who had garnered most points will be saved from eviction. In case of a tie, no one will be saved.

    Kamille won the 'LigTask' challenge as she got 70 points. She was saved from the nomination.

    Bailey, Barbie are nominated housemates

    Aside from Kamille, other housemates that are safe in the first nomination night are: Ryan James Bacalla, Karlos Lorenzo "Kenzo" Gutierrez, Hendrix "Jimboy" Martin, Ailah Antopina, Edward Kyle Secades, Zonia Ysabel Mejia, Thomas Franco Rodriguez and Ylona Jade Garcia.

    PBB 737 official housemate

    In every nominations, each housemate has to nominate two persons with one receiving two points and the other with one point.

    On their first week, the housemates have failed on their weekly task called "Ang Galing Natin in 737" where they must create a performance showcasing their talents. This should last in exactly 7 minutes and 37 seconds. However, the housemates performed the task in 7 mins and 47 seconds.

    The 'PBB 737' on Saturday night topped Twitter trending list with '#PBB7371stNomiNight', '#PBB737SaveBaileyMay', and 'WinTheFight YLONA' among the talked-about topics.

    Find out who will be Kuya's first evictee next week. Catch PBB 737 on Primetime Bida every Mondays to Fridays; 9:45 p.m. (PST) every Saturdays and Sundays.

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