iPhone 6S: Reports say Apple starts manufacturing next iPhone

MANILA, Philippines - The next iPhone which will be named either 6S or 7 has entered early production. Apple is expected to launch the the successors of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in September this year, reports said.

Apple enters early manufacturing of iPhone 6S
Apple enters early manufacturing of iPhone 6S | Photo: Getty
According to Bloomberg, the Cupertino giant will ramp up production to full-scale as early as next month.

The new iPhone models will feature new technology called Force Touch, first unveiled for the Apple Watch and the newest MacBook model. Force Touch uses tiny electrodes around the flexible Retina display to distinguish between a light tap and a deep press, and trigger instant access to a range of contextually specific controls. With Force Touch, pressing firmly on the screen brings up additional controls.

Industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, of KGI Securities, says the Force Touch touchscreen will allow users to interact with content in more ways than simple taps.

The next generation of iPhone will feature Force Touch
The next generation of iPhone will feature Force Touch

The iPhone 6S will be in the same 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch sizes as the current iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus smartphones. It will have a similar exterior design, the rumour said.

A report from AppleInsider says that Apple looks set to bump the current 8 megapixel rear camera to 12 megapixels in the next generation iPhone.

While the final assembly is expected to be smooth due to the similarity with the current model, source said that the timing and production volume of Force Touch-enabled phones could be impacted by the supply and yield of the displays.

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