With her ratings surging, will Senator Grace Poe finally run for President?

    MANILA, Philippines - As the much anticipated political contest in the land is nearing, political parties are now warming up in positioning their prospective candidate to be the next president. Among the top contenders are Vice President Jejomar Binay, DILG Secretary Mar Roxas and Senator Grace Poe-Llamanzares.

    THE NEXT PRESIDENT? Binay, Poe or Roxas
    THE NEXT PRESIDENT? Binay, Poe or Roxas

    While the March 1-7 survey by Pulse Asia reported an increase on Binay's rating from the last quarter of 2014's 26% to 29% today, his latest performance on the SWS survey conducted last March 20-23 showed a minimal one percent slide from 37% down to 36%. On the other hand, Mar Roxas as the presumptive presidential candidate of the ruling Liberal Party continues to struggle in amassing the confidence of the crowd by lagging behind with a 19% voter's preference at SWS and a dismal 4% at the Pulse Asia surveys.

    SWS and Pulse Asia surveys showed synonymous results
    SWS and Pulse Asia surveys showed synonymous results | Credit: manilatimes.net

    Meanwhile political neophyte Poe has posted a rating of 31% from the latest SWS survey, a huge jump from her previous 21% last December 2014. Poe's current 14% at the recent Pulse Asia survey stabilized her position as the second best bet in the upcoming polls despite of a 4% decrease.

    Erap, Binay and PNoy eyes Poe

    As the ratings of the two political honchos ratings continues to dip, Senator Grace Poe's number is now defining and giving more excitement on how the 2016 presidential election will look like.

    The opposition led by former president and now Manila Mayor Joseph ‘Erap’ Estrada has been vocal in supporting Poe should the latter decides to run under their banner.

    On the other hand, another opposition stalwart Binay, who has been out loud in proclaiming his presidential ambition after winning the vice president seat last elections, has an alternative suggestion of taking Poe as his running mate.

    Erap and PNoy weighs on their candidates
    Erap and PNoy weighs on their candidates | Credit: abs-cbnnews.com

    But the idea of having Poe in the opposition side is now starting to become blurry as Poe admitted that a talk between President Benigno Aquino III transpired recently and the agenda was about the selecting on who will be the standard bearer of the administration party. PNoy hinted that Poe’s characteristics matches well as the one who could emulate and sustain the platforms that his administration are pushing for.

    LP prefers its own members says Drilon

    However, the current Vice President of the ruling Liberal Party and Senate President Franklin Drilon said that their party prefers someone from the inside to represent them in the upcoming race to MalacaƱang instead of resorting to non-members like Poe. The statement signals the possibility of fielding Interior Secretary Mar Roxas, LP’s presumptive presidential candidate, despite of his wobbling ratings.

    Poe as the third force

    Despite the great interest that the opposing political forces are showing to get Poe, some political analysts are saying that she should and can just run as an independent come 2016. Carrying FPJ’s charisma with her untarnished personality, Poe’s pro-poor platforms together with her advocacy in the promotion of clean governance resonates well with the aspirations of the public which many also are saying as striking factors that can bring her smoothly to MalacaƱang.

    A big blow to Binay and Roxas

    Poe’s decision will matter heavily. Should the lady in white of the senate accepts the challenge, it will be detrimental to Binay who is currently being marred with political scandals which is pulling his numbers down. Roxas’ might finally bury his presidential ambition as luck has been out of his side for the second time around.

    The road to presidency is by destiny, with barely a year left anything can happen and with the Filipino voting population known to be sympathetic on the candidate that mirrors and understand their struggles in the society, being a novice or veteran politician plays little when the ballot casting day comes. - Michael Santiago, TheSummitExpress
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