VIRAL VIDEO: Be Careful With Your Children

A video titled "Be Careful With Your Children" which gives lesson to parents is now viral online.

VIRAL VIDEO: Be Careful With Your Children

The 18-second Youtube video posted by certain Matteo Menesis on the video-sharing site on Tuesday already garnered nearly half million views as of press time.

Netizens were moved on the message of the short video to think ahead and avoid possible danger to their children due to inappropriate actions.

WATCH: Girl had an accident on dad's scooter (video courtesy of Matteo Menesis)

"Motorcycles should be turned off specially when you have playful kids with you. They never knew the pain that they would get only when it is already too late," thuzardpipz commented.

"Father's fault.. Just turn off the engine or when operating a scooter always always put it on center stand... This also happened to my friend her daughter was in front and he's talking to someone while both are mounted on the scooter the kid rev the scoot they accelerated to a wall good thing there was a wall... Me i always instruct my daughter never ever touch this or that always reminding her..." Youtube user Tony Stark said.

One netizen commented differently: "I thought this is one of those videos that would let us think that the child is in danger then will make us say WOW in the end because the child had an uncanny ability in driving a scooter."

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