Indonesia to execute Mary Jane Veloso by Firing Squad on Tuesday

    MANILA, Philippines - Despite the appeals made by the Philippines, the Indonesian government vows to adhere with its stringent anti-drug law by executing the eight convicted drug smugglers, including the Filipina Mary Jane Veloso on Tuesday, April 28.

    Save Mary Jane Veloso
    Save Mary Jane Veloso | Credit:migranteinternational.org

    According to an online report pertaining to Veloso’s current situation by PTV-4, a government owned television network of the Philippines, the Attorney General Office of Indonesia sent the order of execution to Veloso’s family last Friday, April 24. Together with other convicted drug smugglers from Nigeria, Australia and Brazil, Veloso was already transferred to the island prison Nusakambangan in Indonesia for their execution via firing squad.

    April 29, 2015 UPDATE:
    Battle for Life Continues: Indonesia delays Mary Jane Veloso’s execution

    Veloso, a 30-year old mother of two and a former Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in Dubai has spent the last five years of her life in prison after being caught with a USD 500,000 worth of heroin in her luggage weighing about 2.6 kilograms on her arrival at Adisucipto International Airport in Yogyakarta way back in April 2010. Since then, the Philippine government has sent numerous appeals to save Veloso’s life but to no avail even as of the moment.

    #SAVEMARYJANE: Pinoy netizens hopeful for Veloso

    Public outcry for saving Veloso’s life has been making rounds in and out of the internet, the online Facebook page ‘Save the Life of Mary Jane Veloso’ which already garnered 6,200 likes as of this writing has been actively mustering a bolder support from the public. Earlier this afternoon also, Secretary General Renato Reyes of BAYAN posted on his Facebook account photos of the vigil in front of the Indonesian embassy calling to save Veloso’s life.

    The hashtag #SaveMaryJane has been trending also on Twitter over the past days.

    Meanwhile, the Catholic officials from the Philippines and Indonesia has been urging the public to strengthen Veloso’s chances of being spared from the deathrow by asking to offer prayers for her. Masses for Veloso were also held the past weeks in both countries.

    Jokowi remains dignified against criticisms, PNoy going for another push for Veloso

    UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon also aired his appeal to Indonesian President Joko Widodo DK to spare the convicts from death Jokowi as he was fondly called by his countrymen remains unopposed with his stand on pushing through with the execution despite also of various pleas made by the foreign governments representing those who were in deathrow. President Benigno Aquino III will exhume the remaining resources that his government has to save Veloso when he meets again with Jokowi tomorrow, April 27 at the ASEAN Summit in Malaysia.

    - Michael Santiago, TheSummitExpress
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