Is FEM Community (Ferdinand Edralin Marcos) legit or scam?

Have you heard of FEM Community allegedly named after Ferdinand Edralin Marcos who gather signatures and captures valid IDs in Antipolo, Rizal claiming to give money to the Filipinos thru cash card?

Find out here to verify if the claim of FEM Community is true or fake?

Find out here to verify if the claim of FEM Community is true or fake?

Various reports gathered by TheSummitExpress reveals the organization has a promise to give money as high as one milion pesos from Marcos' Swiss account. Sources said that the community, which started operation in 2014 targets 11 million people to file applications for 'free' to be done in the mountainous area of Rizal.

Those who have joined the organization will then wait for the cash card release and the alleged share from Marcos wealth to be deposited through CTBC Bank.

However, the CTBC Bank of the Philippines in December 2014 officially released statement on FEM Community activities.

"It has come to our attention that there are certain individuals claiming to be connected with 'FEM Community' (Ferdinand E. Marcos Community) who are allegedly distributing CTBC Bank Cash Card application forms and collecting fees to avail of the Bank's ATM or cash card product," CTBC said.

The CTBC Bank urges the public not to give or send money to these alleged individuals or groups and reiterates that it does not authorize anyone to solicit money or collect cash-out fees or payments to avail of its ATM, cash cards and other products and services.

CTBC Bank on FEM Community

Aside from 'FEM', CTBC also informed it has no contractual dealings with other groups with similar activities such as Fullhouse Multi-Purpose Cooperative and Our Lady of Triumph for Indigenous People Consumers Cooperative.

Meanwhile, some netizens challenged FEM to show their documents to prove their existence and legality. A quick check from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) website reveals that the organization is not on the list of registered or reserved companies.

As of press time, the authority is yet to issue statement and provide legal actions to answer queries of Filipinos if FEM Community is legit or scam?

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