Snake with legs captured in Isabela, video now viral

    A video about snake with legs is now viral online after ABS-CBN's Umagang Kay Ganda (UKG) reported the case  on Tuesday.

    Snake with legs captured in Isabela, video now viral

    The snake with apparent foot of a lizard or iguana was captured in Mallig, Isabela inside the house of Gambol family.

    Noberto said he's cleaning the house when he noticed the snake on the floor. The snake crawled inside the carton box. Then, they quickly killed it. But he was amazed as he noticed that the snake seems to have a foot.

    In the video, neighbors have different beliefs about the snake such as it will bring 'good luck' and the other says it's a sign of 'doomsday'.

    Meanwhile, forestry scientist Arnold Frogoso of Penro, Isabela said genetic mutations occurred in snake.

    The Gambol family already preserved the unusual snake.

    WATCH: Snake with feet found in Isabela City (video courtesy of UKG/ABS-CBN News)

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