VIDEO: Billy Crawford jailed in BGC precinct due to malicious mischief

MANILA, Philippines – Few hours after the glamorous Star Magic Ball of ABS-CBN, actor-host Billy Joe Crawford was jailed in a police precinct at the Bonifacio Global City (BGC) Taguig City on Sunday, September 7, 2014 due to malicious mischief, media reports said.

Billy Crawford jailed in BGC precinct due to malicious mischief
Actor-host Billy Crawford jailed in BGC precinct due to malicious mischief | Credit: GMA News

According to a report on GMA News TV's "News TV Live", the incident occurred shortly after 4 a.m. at Police Community Precinct 7. An initial investigation showed Crawford was with a woman and asked for assistance.

Billy Crawford issues statement, apologizes over BGC incident

"Batay sa paunang imbestigasyon dumating sa presinto si Billy pasado alas kwatro ng madaling araw kasama ang isang babae para humingi ng tulong," the report said.

"Pero ng sabihing ihahatid siya ng mobile sa headquarters, bigla nalang daw umanong nagwala ang aktor at sinuntok ang desk officer na babae," report added.

WATCH: Billy Crawford arrested following row at police precinct in BGC (video courtesy of GMA News)

The report said that Crawford allegedly went amuck and kicked the glass door of the police station. Two police female officers tried to calm Crawford but to no avail.

Due to the incident, Crawford is currently facing malicious mischief charges, according to the report. He was also brought to the hospital to be checked, the report added.

In legal term, malicious mischief means the intentional destroying or damaging of the personal property of another, from actual ill will or resentment towards its owner or possessor.

Crawford’s manager Arnold Vegafria has confirmed earlier that the “It’s Showtime” host was indeed in police custody.

Crawford attended the Star Magic Ball at the Makati Shangri-La Hotel with his girlfriend Coleen Garcia, but it was not confirmed if she was the lady that Billy was with when he reportedly went to the police station.

In a Twitter post, his girlfriend Coleen Garcia told GMA News: "Hi! Pls stop spreading lies. You and I both know that Billy didn't punch anyone last night. I doubt that he would ever hit a woman."

"As for the "unidentified woman" he was with? He was with 3 of my best friends. And yes, 2 of them are women. No need to put malice in that," she also tweeted.

"Pls don't believe everything you read. It goes to show that not all sources are 100% reliable. Know the truth before jumping to conclusions," Coleen added.

In a separate report from DZMM, it says that Billy already apologized to the police officers and to his fans.

"It was my fault pero wala akong nasaktan, wala akong tinulak, wala akong tinamaan kundi 'yung salamin," he said.

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