VIRAL VIDEO: Adorable boy comforts girl on first day of kindergarten

Manila, Philippines - "You don't need to worry, I'll protect you!"

Adorable boy comforts girl on first day of Kindergarten

This is the famous line of the adorable boy who tries to comfort a girl on her first day of kindergarten in Taiwan. At a young age, the boy knows how to be a 'gentleman'.

The viral video was released recently by ABC pre-school in Taiwan. Remember, it's not a commercial but a real story as they talk naturally.

The Youtube video now earns good reactions worldwide as it breaks cuteness and positivity.

As the girl asks if her mommy was coming back, a boy reassures her that her mother will indeed be back soon and that she didn't have to worry because he would protect her. When she asked him if he would comfort her, he responded with “Yes, I'll comfort you. You don't need to worry. I'll protect you.”

The original video was taken 3 years ago but the kindergarten has only just released it this year as the kids have graduated. According to Taiwanese news, release of the video has their parents' permission.

These are some of the comments of netizens on Youtube who have already watched the video:

YouthEnergy: "This kid.. This kid right here.. A hero. A legend for the ages. Tales of his grand exploits will be told for centuries to come."

brainwash babe: "I really hope they will be married and have beautiful kids in the future. He is very mature for his age."

Vinaya Naidu: "Such a sweetheart this little guy is!! #mustwatchvideo"

ethannitro8172: "Sorry I'm to young to hug." Imagine that huge moment of disappointment."

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